Friday, June 26, 2009


  • It's Friday, and I have made it through another week without a gallbladder attack - YAY!
  • Although I do periodically get sharp, stabbing pains in my stomach, which is a result of the nasty gallstones - BOO!
  • Apparently all the surgeons at my clinic are on vacation so I can't get an appointment until July 7 - BOO!
  • There are a lot of foods that I'm afraid to eat right now for fear of causing another attack, so I'm bound to be losing weight - YAY!
  • Which should help me lost my half-a-pound for Jack Sh*t's Kick Ass Challenge - YAY!
  • It was 103 degrees here yesterday and seriously, I wasn't all that bothered - score one for weighing less during a heatwave - YAY!
  • Thanks to all of your comments - really, y'all should become Lifecoaches - I am going to buy a sleeveless top and start wearing it around the house - YAY!
  • Check back on Monday, when I will have a very nutty post and giveaway - YAY!!!


  1. Yeah for buying a sleeveless top!!!!!

    Have a great weekend Shelley!

  2. ooohhh...I can't wait to see the sleeveless top!

    AND...way to put us in suspense, I will definetly be back on Monday, as usual!

  3. Can't wait for Monday!

    Good for you for going out to buy a sleeveless top. Let us know how you do with it!

    Have a great weekend, stay cool.

  4. Shelley -- YAY!!!!

    Have a great tank top wearing weekend!!

  5. You kick that tank top's hiney!(OK, so tank tops don't have a hiney, but you know what I mean!)

  6. Get that top and show it off! You will look awesome in, and feel even better!

  7. I found another great blog - YAY!
    and you have more yays than boos - YAY!

  8. Glad you've made it thru the week without a g/b attack . . . the 7th isn't that far away now!

    It really is amazing how much of a difference losing weight makes to being comfortable in the heat.

    Can't wait to see what you have planned for Monday :)

  9. When my grandmother lost a bunch of weight she had gallbladder problems from not eating enough fat...are you getting in your fat?

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