Saturday, June 6, 2009

Awesome Bike Ride, Followed By An Absolutely Miserable Night

Felt great on Friday - worked all day, then we went to Art Step in our little downtown area and walked around there for about an hour seeing some great art exhibits by people I actually know - a nice perk of where I work is getting to know the local artists.

Came home with plenty of daylight left to go bike riding - we rode for 45 minutes - a total of 5 1/2 miles! It was really fun to build on our time and mileage - the weather was warm, but the humidity was low, which made the bike ride all that more enjoyable.

Woke up around 2:00 am with the same sharp stomach pains that I experienced two weeks ago, which very quickly traveled to upper back. This time, I had no "bad" food to blame it on. The pain was horrendous - I could not get comfortable in bed and eventually got up so I could twist and basically writhe around without waking Jeff. Got on the computer, where Google led me to gallbladder attack. I had pretty much all of the symptoms, and in looking back two weeks ago, that episode fit these symptoms as well. (Yes, you can call me "Dr. Shelley" - who needs a medical diploma when you have Google at your fingertips?!?)

The pain lasted a long time - in fact, nearly 3 hours into it I finally took one of Jeff's leftover Vicodin from when he had a root canal. Didn't really help, so 45 minutes later I took another...which might have been a mistake. Finally slept for a couple of hours, but then I got cold sweats and started throwing up, probably the Vicodin? I don't know. What I do know is that this has got to stop, pronto. I will be calling the doctor Monday morning to get to the bottom of this pain, because it's no way to live.


  1. omg I am SO SORRY. I also had some totally brutal middle-of-the night gallstone attacks, about 10 years ago, and then after several months of this, had my gallbladder removed. It wasn't so bad. And... instant relief, both from the stones and from the heartburn that had plagued me for years.

    Hang in there, but it can get better!

  2. two years ago january I had mine removed..and it made me sick (read cold sweats throwing up) beFore it was removed! get it checked!

  3. Oh Sorry to hear that!! What a nasty way to start the weekend out. Hope you check with a qualified physician and get a confirmation. Hope the rest of your weekend improves!

  4. Ick...what a horrible way to start the weekend!! It definitely sounds gallbladder-ish, and I agree with the color of it...gross, but a really good way to figure out what it's from (green/blue is one thing, yellow is another, etc).

    Hope the rest of the weekend goes well - or at least better!

  5. UGH! I remember gall bladder attacks. These days the surgery is much easier than it was back in the day. You need to see a doctor. This isn't something that will go away and stay away if it's your gall bladder. It'll just keep coming back.

  6. Oh, no! I'm so sorry you're in pain. Not good at all. I'm glad you're calling the doctor ASAP Monday.

    GB surgery is so wonderful today compared to years ago. My mom had it years ago, where they cut you all the way in half practically. Now it's a very simple procedure. My friend had it and was back to work in less than two weeks!


  7. So sorry your weekend had such a rough start . . . and very glad to hear you're headed to the doctor to get it checked out on Monday. I'll be keeping the good thought for you!

  8. Shelley, I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick. I hope the pain has subsided and you can get in to see your doctor ASAP. I'll be thinking of you.

  9. Don't you just love google?

    I think you are onto something with your self diagnosis.

    You should however call the DR first thing Monday morning.

  10. oh NO!!!

    how was the rest of the weekend? did you get any rest?
    keep us posted on what the doctor says today...

  11. Oh that's terrible. I've done that with vicodin and I don't know which is worse, the after effects of it or the pain before it. Hope you get to feeling better and this gets taken care of.

  12. Sending you my best, too, Shelley. Let us know what doc says.

  13. Oh Shelley, that just sounds terrible. I am so sorry that you had to go though that again, but hopefully you are able to see your doctor this morning and get some relief in the very near future!

  14. The year I lost 80 pounds, I ended up having my gallbladder taken out. I too was having attacks, the first one I thought it was a heart attack it hurt so bad. The worst pain was in my back, my doctor explained that the gallbladder was pressing there. I put it off until one day I was running a high fever and vomiting up constantly- time to take care of it! My doctor said it is very common for women who have lost a lot of weight to have gallbladder disease. In fact, my sister had hers removed several years before me.

    The surgery is super easy, so get it done and end your misery. It will only get worse, and more frequent, trust me. It has nothing to do with what you eat, I would get attacks in the middle of the night even if I skipped dinner. I would get them in the middle of the day- I remember one time at the grocery store I had to leave my full cart and rush out of the store, the pain was overwhelming and I was doubled over with it.

    Nothing helped relieve my pain, except the passing of time, and it was a horrendous time to wait it out with each attack.

    The surgery was easy, they knocked me out around noon, and I went home that day before dinner. I signed out of work for a week, but in honesty in three days I felt super and was ready to go back. Easy recovery, I never even took the pain pills I was given. That's the only surgery I've ever had, and my experience was A+ with it.

    Check into it, please!!!!

  15. Pain is no good. Sounds like you've gotten some great advice from people who have been thru it.

    Feel better, sending you get well energy....feel it?


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