Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oy, My Abs!

You'd think that after 12 weeks of workouts, I couldn't possibly get that sore anymore...but you'd be wrong! We did something during strength training on Monday - and I have no idea WHAT, as our workouts were completely changed - that somehow worked my abs without me realizing it. I know that sounds crazy, but because I've been able to do crunches like a madwoman this soreness has really surprised me. In fact, doing just 35 crunches on the BOSU ball yesterday was a struggle. Last night while I was loading the dishwasher I could really feel my abs as I bent down and straightened back up. Of course, my first thought was that I'd hurt myself and that I should immediately stop cleaning up after dinner and go lie down...but then I realized that it was simply sore muscles and I *could* continue cleaning (oh the humanity!). Hmmm, I wonder if Brad snuck something seemingly easy yet deceptively hard into my workout? I will have to quiz him on Monday!

In related workout news, because we were at the beginning of another 12-week session, a few new people joined our classes. It was fun to watch them learn the machines, and take it easy while getting used to everything. Brought back memories *wipes tear from eye* - ah, the good old days! Now that I have so much time under my belt, when the new people were told to stop and take a break, I was told "keep going!" so that shows you how hardcore (hahaha) I am!

Oh, continuing from my Good Eats post, we had HG's Scoopable Chinese Chicken Salad last night and it was great! Next time I'll add some extra green onions - either the batch I had was really mild or else I just like an extra bite. The recipe made a ton, and I have some good leftovers for lunch today and tomorrow. Now that's what I like - cook once, eat several meals!


  1. Oh the humanity, indeed! I would have taken a break and re-evaluated the pain after the dishes were done!

    You are doing great. Soon I will be complaining about my ABS too. Soon...I am still in the thinking about it

    good job!

  2. Well, that's just mean that even after 12 weeks, you can still get that sore?!?! So sore you can't clean house and have to lay on the couch and watch DWTS or sumpin? (Find out what that exercise is!!)

    Chinese Chicken Salad sounds like something I would not mind eating for days and days.

  3. I find it weird sometimes when I get sore from doing the same stuff. Maybe just doing it a bit differently?

  4. I grabbed my stomach in commiseration! (I didn't do ab work, mine aren't sore, but I felt the pain with you. lol)




    I kinda love that feeling :)

  6. I wish the gym I attended had a 12 week class, that would be great,the boot camps are only four. I'm going to sign up for another one after the summer, and attend some classes 2X a week over the summer, plus stuff on my own that I've learned through the class.
    Your doing awesome!

  7. It's great that you are enjoying the gym so much. And what a great feeling to be the seasoned one.

  8. Tee-hee! I have no sympathy at all,lol!

    Seriously, well done on that class - it sounds so much fun, I wish I could come too.

  9. this is totally off topic...CONGRATS on winning the holey donuts! lucky gal.

  10. I just said to my husband last night that workout soreness is the ONLY pain that feels good. My BL Yoga workout made my abs hurt so much it hurts to laugh! Oh and congrats on the doughnuts you lucky thing!

  11. When I am sore I take that as I am getting stronger!

    I'll have to buy that book - that scoopable salad looked so good!

    Of course, I would leave out the onions! :D

    Happy Friday Shelley!


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