Sunday, May 17, 2009

In Which I Ponder If Eating The Lasagne Was Worth It...

This afternoon we went to a graduation party for a friend of my husband. Mark got his Master's in Public Health (go Mark!) and hosted a party with homemade lasagne (complete with homemade pasta), salad, homemade sourdough baguettes (!) and red velvet cake.

I knew about the lasagne in advance, and also knowing that Mark is a wonderful cook, I ate fairly light today - my regular breakfast of Fage with 2 cups of blueberries and some Kashi Golean Crunch cereal, and a protein shake for lunch - total of about 600 calories. So, in keeping with my goal of 1,200 calories total for today, I had room for *some* lasagne. The pieces they cut weren't huge, but I still cut one in half, took one small slice of bread (no butter) and lots of salad. Let me just say that the lasagne was amazing...and I make a good lasagne, myself! I savored every bite! The bread was great as well, and I even went back for more salad. The cream cheese frosting on the cake was tempting, but I resisted. I drank plenty of water and left the party a few hours later happy that I had controlled myself, yet still partook of the good eats.

Cut to a couple of hours later, and my stomach is growling. I drink 16 oz. of water. Stomach still growls - another 16 oz. of water. Now I'm sloshy and hungry! I chew the heck out of two pieces of Trident Minty Sweet Twist gum. Now I'm sloshy, my jaw is tired...and I'm still hungry! You know, I could have had a lot more food for those approximately 600 calories of lasagne and bread (the salad calories were negligble) and NOT be this darn hungry!

I feel like I did this to myself and unless I want to up my caloric intake for the day, I'm stuck. And no, I do not want to up my intake...the early stats on the Bodybugg are showing me that on days where I'm not exercising, I don't burn a ton of calories, so I have to be cautious in order to lose weight. Hmmm, I do believe I have answered my question...unfortunately, it was not worth it.


  1. is it too SUZIE SUNSHINE to say that this was almost a gift?
    you had it.
    decided it wasnt worth it.
    it wasnt THAT big a deviation from your plan and next time you may make a different choice!

    Suzie :)

  2. I also feel a little Suzie Sunshine about this (ME! Of all people!)

    I think those "it's not worth it" instances can be really powerful. Sometimes if I really "get" it my regret saves me dozens of bad choices down the road. Sounds like this may have been one of those times!

  3. I had a very similar experience yesterday Shelley!! We went to the movies, and when we got home I tried to find something I could pull together quickly. I ended up with something resembing chili with beans. I had a medium bowl (about a cup and 1/2) and 10 chips, Not a huge amount of food IMO, but I know it was too high in calories. A few hours later I was so hungry!! I had several glasses of water, but eventually gave in and had some cucumber slices with *gulp* guacamole. There is something about that meaty tomato combination that makes me want to just keep eating! And then add the cheese on top of it, as with Lasagna--oh my!!

  4. Live and learn...right?? Ok, I was checking out your May 2008 to May 2009....girl, you look SO GREAT! Good for you!

    Keep inspiring me!

  5. I'm just in awe how you resisted red velvet with frosting. *applause* Because you are a stronger person than I.

    I had a day almost exactly like that a couple of days ago except my dinner totally sucked and I was hungry later.

    That bodybugg is a pretty good motivator, yes?

  6. I think you did pretty darn good. It's hard to resist those temptations and it sounds like you are much better at it than me! Your before and after pics are awesome!

  7. You inspire me! In the next few weeks, we have b/day parties, grad parties and weddings to go to, so I won't to be able to leave & have a great time without having regrets of eating too much.

  8. I'll second Terri - I think you did great. Parties are really tough, especially when the offerings are totally homemade . . . your portion control was amazing.

  9. I think you did a great job - and maybe the lasagna and bread only came in at 400 calories, maybe why you were still hungry??!!

    I love lasagne - now I want to make some!

  10. Nice going at resisting the yummy lasanga. I know why my weight loss is so much slower than almost everyone else's - I'll eat if I'm that hungry. I'll just try not to eat something naughty. Sometimes it works.

  11. I personally think that even if you had to have something later to hold you over, partaking in 1/2 a slice of a friend's homemade lasagne is COMPLETELY appropriate!

    You rock.

  12. I adore lasagna!

    Drink tons of water and try to be more active and you should be okay.


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