Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prepare Yourself...It's The Jeans Story!

First off though, y'all are so nice. Thank you for such sweet comments on my previous post. You really made my day. And I would love to meet all of you for coffee someday!

And now onto the jeans story...which ties in to my workouts (have I mentioned I'm on week 4?!?) and my diet. Even though I have been eating most days around 1,000 to 1,100 calories AND working out, the scale (actually, platform) has not been my friend. In fact, she's been banished to my closet for not telling me what I want to hear. Sorry, but I've only lost a tiny, tiny bit since I started working out. And in my mind, that just.isn't.right. So...combine virtually no weight loss and feeling fat as a cow, and you end up with Shelley in a grumpy mood by the end of last week.

And then it hit me as to WHY I was feeling so fat...I realized that I was practically swimming in my jeans. The fabric in the legs were flapping around me as I walked! Now, I am not one of those people who like to wear their old, oversized clothes when they lose weight...I want to look the size that I am, whatever that may be. Jeans are the one clothing item that you can get away with wearing for quite a while with a weight loss, because you just wash them in hot water, dry them and voila - shrunk enough to wear another day. And even though I haven't lost much weight (yes, I dragged Mary Lou out of the closet and checked), I obviously have lost inches and firmed up.

I feel the need to sing this from the roof top: I HAVE LOST INCHES...AND IT'S NOTICEABLE!!!! Seriously, I've never felt a difference like this, even while losing 60 plus pounds. What do you know - serious exercise WORKS!

So of course I went out and bought a new pair of jeans and tossed my old pairs into my Goodwill bag. And I have to say that I feel awesome in them! It's amazing how one small purchase can turn my entire attitude around. But it did. So thank you, Gloria Vanderbilt!


  1. Congratulations! That is Awesome! Right now I am thinking about starting a weight loss/getting healthy journey.

  2. Awesome job!! I still think you need to eat more calories though! :D

  3. Daisee, join us! You will feel much better, I promise.

    Biz, I'm beginning to think you may be correct.

  4. amazing how TOO BIG can 'make' us feel fat huh?

    here's to a great wednesday, Shelley.

    you wearin' jeans today?

  5. Love GV jeans. Good for you and your continued success.

  6. LOVE your jeans story! I saw that you saw mine too. It's a great week for jeans! HEE!!

  7. yay for new smaller jeans for the new fitter you!

    My scale is doing the same things but inches are melting....go figure ;)

    I bet you are a hottie in the new denim ;)

  8. That is too cool.

    Losing sizes, as opposed to poundage, is the best indicator that you're moving in the right direction. I look forward to going in my closet, "shopping" for clothes I haven't worn (and to put on clothes that are now too big). I got my prom dress in there. One of these days....

    Enjoy those jeans. You are definitely bringing the hotness!

  9. Wow! Awesome! Next to the scale I think jeans are the measurement we all use the most. Not sure why. Maybe because we all weat them so often.
    Good job!!!


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