Monday, October 27, 2008

Back To Basics...

After a couple of months of being pretty lazy, I'm ready to get back to basics and lose some more weight. I'll admit that I have been slacking on the diet - not gaining, but not losing very much - and the exercise has been pretty hit-or-miss (with the emphasis on the "miss" more often), and I've gotten away with it, but this isn't where I want to be, so it's time to get busy!

We visited our sons in Denton over the weekend, where we tailgated and ate like crazy and had a great time. Oh, and went to the football game, where "UNT actually scored" (direct quote from the sports guy on the local news later that night)! Combine the weekend's eats, along with some stress eating Thursday and Friday due to insane work events, and I have to say that last night, I was overly full and ready to go back to "normal" eating. Interesting how I now define normal eating as low-calorie, healthy foods...oh how the times have changed!

So. Today I got back on my Wii Fit and did 30 minutes of step-aerobics. I had a 280 calorie lunch and drank a ton of water. Raw veggies will be in the fridge tonight for snacking, and I'm going to Lean Cuisine it for dinners. The weather is gorgeous (there is nothing like October in Texas!) and I'm going to ride my bike (her name is Ipoholo, which means Sweet Ride in Hawaiian) before it gets dark. Repeat through Wednesday, then shake it on Thursday and Friday (my long work days), with LC for dinner, but no exercise because I'm not getting up early to do it and I'll just want to crawl into bed when I finally get home those nights. Not an excuse...I just know me and what I will and realistically won't do.

Interesting thing about the number on the scale - I let WeeFee (my Wii Fit - yes, I named her, too!) weigh me this morning and I am down a total of 43 pounds since I started this diet in May...but I feel like my face doesn't look as thin as it did a couple of months ago. I'm not going to lie...I am in this to look good, as well as feel good and be healthy. Shallow as it sounds, it's true. Whatever. It motivates me. As does reading all the weight-loss blogs I've found - it's been great to read about other dieters and what they are doing to achieve their goals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't Be Alarmed...

...just messing around with templates today.

Update: This is like Decorating Cents for your computer! Fun and free! Of course, the irony of sitting on my ass all morning decorating my weight-loss blog has not escaped me, lol!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Observations...

While shopping last night at Kroger Signature (or Super Kroger, as I call it because I think Signature sounds snooty) for my yummy Yoplait Light Peach Yogurt (I eat it with 2 tbsp. of Grape-Nuts for a 150 calorie afternoon snack), I observed (I didn't go looking for it - it was on an end-cap freezer right by the check-out lanes!) Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream in a cute, itty-bitty sweet and innocent looking, like a puppy or kitty. I had to check it out...and that sweet little puppy turned into Cujo! This tiny thing contains 280 calories!!! I googled for a picture (interestingly the official HD site does not even mention this size) and found this article and the picture at the top. Observation: Look before you eat!

On Friday, I wanted to go out to Abuelo's for dinner and I actually PLANNED for it by having only one shake and 10 almonds (and lots of water) during the day. I was able to have some chip and salsa (I love this place b/c their chips are hot and thin, and the bowls are small, so if you limit yourself (and your dining partner) to one bowl you haven't done too much damage). I ordered their lunch enchiladas (you can order off their lunch menu at dinner and still pay lunch prices - yay!) and thoroughly enjoyed my two enchiladas, most of the rice, and some of the beans - YES I LEFT FOOD ON MY PLATE! Observation: I think this is how thin people eat.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Scale (Dun Dun Duh...)

The scale - something that is just an inanimate object - seems to rule so many of our lives. I know what it does to me, and in reading many weight-loss blogs in the past few days, I see that I'm not alone. You all know what I'm talking you can be having a perfectly happy day, then you step on the scale and it doesn't tell you what you want to hear. Or, you are working your diet, staying on track AND exercising, and you step on the scale and you've lost nothing. Or worse yet, gained a pound. Major angst ensues! Why bother dieting if this is the result?! What am I doing wrong?! This diet doesn't work!!!

Now, I have to confess something - I was anorexic in high school (oh how I long for the days when I weighed 83 lbs! No I don't! Yes I do! Yeah, I'm still screwed up...). I weighed myself several times a day, and the scale RULED MY WORLD. Cut to five years later, and I'm on Weight Watchers trying to lose the baby weight after the birth of my first son, and I'm having success, enjoying my weekly weigh-ins...and then I bought a scale for at home. And I started weighing myself in the morning. Every day. And then again in the evening. And if the scale didn't move downward every day, I was depressed. I finally had to put the scale on a shelf in my closet so I wouldn't be so tempted to step on it every day.

Now, many years and many, many diets later, I do not own a scale. And after reading some blogs, I'm glad I don't. The scales today weigh in tenths, and I've read on a lot of blogs how someone was down .2 lbs in a day. Or up .4 lbs. And their moods reflect what the scale said. Come on, people!!! Don't do this to yourself!!! If you know that you are staying true to your diet plan, and are exercising, then the weight will come off - sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it will happen.

Weigh yourself once a week. Don't be a slave to the scale.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ladies Only

Seriously. I only know of one man who reads my blog (Hi, Dad) - but I'm telling you, for your own good, stop reading now. You will thank me later.
Ok...ladies - here's how to lose 10 pounds in less than an hour. Now, it will cost you (for me it was $60), but wow, is it ever worth it! Ready? Buy a new bra. Seriously. I look AMAZING!!! My boobs are no longer touching my stomach! And I surreptitiously keep copping a feel - dayum!

I knew that my old bra (bought during the Great Bra Shopping Excursion of April 2007*) was kinda stretched out and probably too big, seeing as how I have lost over.forty.pounds (have I mentioned that lately?!?), but yesterday when I was wearing my cute new red belted sweater from a recent Talbots shopping expedition, I realized that the girls were practically down to the belt. Now, I'm no expert, but something just wasn't right. Hence, the trip to Dillards today (sadly by myself, as my traditional bra shopping companion lives 1500 miles away). I am now the proud owner of a Wacoal bra (# 85814) in size 40DD (down from a 42DDD - am I the only woman in America who is happy to have a smaller bust?).

So go treat yourselves. I'll bet you will be happy you did!

*My best friend, Barbara, and I always shop for bras together. Which isn't easy since we haven't lived in the same state since 1992! But there is nothing like it - the laughter coming from our dressing room as we try on lingerie stays with me for months after. From the Spanx try-on (and try-to-get-off) of '99, to taking her then three-year-old daughter with us (who renamed bras "nipple covers" as they shall forever be known), it's more fun than should be legal. Hopefully by the time I'm ready for some new bras, er, nipple covers, we can do it together.

Friday, October 10, 2008


1.the act or an instance of motivating.
2.the state or condition of being motivated.
3.something that motivates; inducement; incentive.

What with discovering that I've lost six pounds in the last month, and buying some really small new jeans (so small that when I hold them up I can't believe I fit into them!) and some cute new white blouses, I'm having fun with my new body!

I have been playing "What Not To Wear" in my closet with Stacy and Clinton's voices in my head, trying on different outfits, mixing and layering(!) different pieces, and of course, accessorizing with fun necklaces, earrings and THE CLUTCH (yes, I watch a lot of WNTW, lol). I am really motivated to keep going with this diet. I haven't felt this good, emotionally, about my looks in a loooooooooong time.

Couple of things I did to help cement my commitment to this weight loss:

  1. I got rid of all my old jeans and capris that were too big - some as much as 5 sizes too big! No more wearing loose pants, even at home. I figure that if I'm too comfortable, I might forget and overeat.
  2. Tossed the remainder of my old tops, even my favorites, because they are not flattering to wear, and I didn't feel good in them anymore.
  3. Started riding my bike in the mornings that I'm not working - the weather is cooler during the day now, and it feels good to get moving earlier in the day.
  4. Got back on the shakes on my workdays. This was my plan all along, but now I'm actually doing it!
I've also been reading some other weight-loss blogs, which helps keep everything front and centered in my mind regarding dieting. Plus it's fun to see how others are coping with the challenges of dieting - I'm not the only crazy thinker out there! I'll add the blogs that I find interesting to my "blogs I'm reading" section soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Over Forty (Pounds) And Counting!

I will be the first to admit that I have not been perfect on this diet...far from it. But I weighed myself today for the first time in a few weeks, and I'm down six pounds! Apparently "policing" myself is working, for the most part. By that I mean that most meals I'm consciously thinking about what I'm putting in my mouth, and making good choices more often than not.

Here's an example: last Friday at work, a woman (heretofore known as "cakelady") brought in a red velvet cake with chocolate frosting...all homemade, of course. The cake spent several hours on a table behind my desk, and my thinking process went from not going to touch it, to dang, that smells good, to when is that cake going to go home, to why don't I have a taste of what I really want (frosting). And that's what I ultimately did - got a forkful of the wonderfully homemade chocolate frosting, enjoyed it, and was done. Of course, cakelady saw me do this and said "why don't you get yourself a nice big piece of that cake?" but Hah! Not today, cakelady! It helped my motivation (and I admit that this is a bit meanspirited) that cakelady had been losing weight before I started my diet, but she gained it ALL back over the summer - sadly for her, she is an example of what I don't want to do. I'm trying to learn not only from my past failed diets, but others' as well.

Last night we had the usual for dinner - grilled Jenni-O Turkey sausage, couscous, and tons of grilled zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms and onions. I was so full after dinner and started feeling bad that I'd overeaten (and obviously I did, to be feeling that full), but then I realized it was mostly veggies that put me over the edge, which is a far cry from the days of eating tons of garlic bread or something else so filling with my meal.

Baby steps...

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Ride My Bike I Rollerskate Don't Drive No Car...

...very old song from the 70's that has been going through my head today.

Hah! I rode my bike this morning! Booyah, I exercised early! And apparently it has made me sassy!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Football Fever

Well, I haven't posted all week, but I did ride my bike Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!!! Thursday is a "forget it" day - I am gone from 9 am to 9 pm, and yesterday I worked and then we went to the Crosstown Showdown football game at Kyle Field, where I did get some exercise jumping up and cheering on our team - we won, 44 - 33!

Anyway, the weather has been so nice - it's cooling down by 6 pm, and the bike riding has been lovely. My trusty dog, Paco, has been racing me while I ride...he always wins, but then he cheats, too!

I think I am finally going to buy a new pair of jeans that actually fit - wore my old jeans to the game last night and felt and looked like a clod. My old Consol shirt was very loose as well, but I think that if it was paired with smaller jeans it would look ok. Of course, my next football game will be UNT's Homecoming, and I'll be wearing my new UNT shirt that I won in a drawing - woot!

I should try and ride my bike in the morning, just to see if I like it - of course, I'll have to leave Paco at home if I want to venture out beyond my street, but it could be interesting. People in my neighborhood are already decorating their houses for Halloween - I can be a looky-loo on my bike!