Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Observations...

While shopping last night at Kroger Signature (or Super Kroger, as I call it because I think Signature sounds snooty) for my yummy Yoplait Light Peach Yogurt (I eat it with 2 tbsp. of Grape-Nuts for a 150 calorie afternoon snack), I observed (I didn't go looking for it - it was on an end-cap freezer right by the check-out lanes!) Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream in a cute, itty-bitty sweet and innocent looking, like a puppy or kitty. I had to check it out...and that sweet little puppy turned into Cujo! This tiny thing contains 280 calories!!! I googled for a picture (interestingly the official HD site does not even mention this size) and found this article and the picture at the top. Observation: Look before you eat!

On Friday, I wanted to go out to Abuelo's for dinner and I actually PLANNED for it by having only one shake and 10 almonds (and lots of water) during the day. I was able to have some chip and salsa (I love this place b/c their chips are hot and thin, and the bowls are small, so if you limit yourself (and your dining partner) to one bowl you haven't done too much damage). I ordered their lunch enchiladas (you can order off their lunch menu at dinner and still pay lunch prices - yay!) and thoroughly enjoyed my two enchiladas, most of the rice, and some of the beans - YES I LEFT FOOD ON MY PLATE! Observation: I think this is how thin people eat.


  1. Good going on the eating. I have seen those cute HD ice creams but didn't fall for it. I did buy some sorbet, HD since it was on sale (my criteria for buying the only two ice creams I buy) and try to eat just one scoop. 1/2 cup is anywhere from 110 to 150 calories so you still have to watch it. The lemon is 110 so I will let you know how that tastes.

  2. I love abuelos, and yes that is how skinny people eat. Sucks about the yoplait, huh, what shall we do?


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