Wednesday, December 17, 2008

With Apologies to Clint Eastwood...

I have been busy with all things Christmas and haven't been able to blog, so here's a bit of a catch-up.

The Good: Our sons are home from college and have succeeded in making me laugh so hard I've cried many times already - ahhh, good times! Plus they've emptied all the trash, helped with the dishes, and the younger one is at the grocery store right now doing a "quick shop" for me (still have the massive Christmas breakfast and dinner shop ahead). Later this afternoon I plan on making a pot of split pea soup and some jalapeno cornbread, and putting up the Christmas tree (finally!). My Christmas cards and letters were mailed yesterday, fudge was made and distributed to my co-workers for last night's holiday dinner, and most of my gifts have been bought and wrapped. Interesting tidbit - although I have had a lot to accomplish on my "to do" list, I have done it without getting worn-out. Amazing how much extra energy I have now that I'm not carrying around an extra 50 pounds! Score + 1 for weight loss!

The Bad: I WAS down 55 pounds, but I feel like I've gained a few back - my stomach looks fatter than it did a month ago. (And no, I'm not going to weigh myself - what good could it do at this point?) Possible culprits include: a bit of stress eating (possible job change/relocation?), holiday goodies at work, spoon-licking of the aforementioned fudge, cold weather = not wanting to move/exercise, ran out of the raw veggies that I was eating on a daily basis so tending to snack on crackers and this point, I would just like to end the year with no gain. Score -1 for the current weight gain.

The Ugly: We had our work holiday dinner last night at a restaurant famous for their Chicken Fried Bacon, served with a side of cream gravy for dippin'. Fortunately, no one ordered it. However, deep-fried pickles, deep-fried corn nuggets, and deep-fried catfish nuggets WERE ordered. I only tried the corn nuggets, which were kind of like creamed corn, battered and deep fried. Oh, and served with ranch dressing for dippin'. And yes, they were good! Jeff and I made a pact right then and there to NEVER EVER order these on our own! I passed on the fried pickles (blech) and the fried catfish (double blech)...but did order the chicken fried steak for dinner - I mean, hey, when in Rome, right? I think I had a touch of Stockholm Syndrome. Anyway. That meal is over, although I'm sure it will live on my thighs in perpetuity. Score - a bazillion for eating like a crazy person.

That's it for now. Ta! (as my Aussie friend Mark would say)


  1. Hey at this point, I think we will all be lucky to just survive the holidays without gaining any weight!
    Merry Christmas to you, and to think, I am not even done with my presents, you are way more ahead of me!

  2. Hey! Thanks for mentioning my book, The Incredible Shrinking Critic! Weight loss is such fun, right? But I think things like your blog can help others who are on the same journey; it provides a kind of community that feels personal (through the magic of the Internet!), and it's a much more supportive community than the kind you usually get around your family and frenemies.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jami Bernard

  3. You need to post more often! Inquiring minds want to know your progress :)


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