Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To My Fellow Bloggers Who Have Dieted Successfully With Children In Their House...

...I salute and applaud you!

I am realizing now just how easy I've had it since I started my Weight Loss Journey last May. At the time, my younger son was living at home, but between school, his work schedule, and hanging out with his friends, he wasn't here for a lot of mealtimes. And that made my diet life easy - just how easy, I'm now realizing, after a week of both sons being home for the winter break. My god, they eat constantly! I know that they are decompressing after a semester away, and for Max, after living in the dorms and eating cafeteria food, it's nice to be able to go to the kitchen and forage any time he wants, but holy carp they are like bottomless pits! And I find myself eating right along with them! I made pumpkin bread and fudge, queso and chips, (turkey) chili dogs - all gone in (it seems) an instant. And that's not even counting the deep-fried extravaganza of last week...or the homemade canapes and desserts from our work fundraiser on Thursday. It's been bad. I've been making bad choices. Last night as everyone was eating yet again, I found myself snacking on some sharp cheddar cheese and TLC crackers, and even though it was more than one serving of cheese, it was probably the healthiest thing I've eaten in a few days!

Who am I, and where has the person who has been so diligent, so aware...so SANE for the past 6 months gone?!? I have got to get some control here before major damage is done.

I did go buy a huge raw veggie tray last night, and will make a taco salad for dinner tonight, which, while isn't the most healthy salad in the world, (I make it with lean ground beef, kidney beans, lettuce (dur), tomatoes, onions, grated cheddar cheese, white corn tortilla chips and light 1000 Island dressing) I can control the amount of cheese, chips and dressing on my portion. That's a start, anyway. And water. I drastically need to increase my water intake.

Tina Fey said it best: Blerg.


  1. Yeah, I have had too many cookies too, even tho as I go to bed at night tell myself no more. Need to go back to writing down what I am going to eat and sticking to it. At least I am still exercising. I guess I could go out and shovel snow and get extra exercise.

  2. I've had those nighttime regrets, and silent pep-talks...and yet it starts again the next day. Although today has been much better (but it's not over yet!).

  3. Hey, Shelley. I'm glad I saw this post today. The onslaught begins here today (children and all) and I'll be more diligent in remembering I'm eating FOR me, not WITH them. Oy. Will the madness never end? LOL Merry Christmas!

  4. Yeah, teenage (and up) boys can eat the house, for sure. Makes it tough! I made taco salad too but I use ground turkey for the meat. I use 2% reduced fat Kraft sharp cheddar. ANd I've found I can leave off the chips on my portion and it still tastes great! (Or they have those baked corn chips now). Salsa is a great low cal "dressing" and I add a touch of light sour cream or light ranch. Just some ideas if you ever want to try em :)

    Enjoy your boys while they're home! Merry Christmas.

  5. Hi Shelley!
    Thanks for your sweet Christmas wishes! It sounds like you are holding your own pretty well during this holiday--laughter is good. It burns calories. Keeps things in perspective. You'll get back on track: I'm confident for "you" and I'm pulling for some of that same confidence for myself!
    Merry Christmas! Congrats on your very very successful 2008--with much to look forward to in 2009!


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