Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello Cold Pizza My Old Friend...

...I've come to eat you again (major apologies to Simon and Garfunkel).

Oh, how I LOVELOVELOVE cold pizza! Actually, I love a lot of cold leftovers (lasagne, spaghetti, meatloaf), but pizza is my number one. Knowing this, I have avoided having those temptations in my fridge over the past six months. I figure, why make it harder than it already is, right?

Well. Friday at work, my boss ordered in pizza for us, which was really nice, as it had been a rough couple of weeks (more on that in another post). We sat together and ate our pizza - I had two slices of "The Works" and it was so good! I enjoyed every bite! Then I got busy with customers and stuff and before long, it was time to go home - pizza (I assumed) had all been consumed.

Not so! I arrived at work on Saturday - yes, the day that I work by myself - and opened the fridge to put my yogurt in, and spied the pizza box! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I tried to resist. I peeked inside - out of the four slices left, one was "The Works." I shut the box and went back to my desk. A little while later, I heard it calling my name. If I'd had a food sponsor, I would have called her! Unfortunately, alone in the building, just me, my weak mind, and that one slice of pizza - well, you know what happened. I gave in. And it was delicious. The way the onions, peppers and mushrooms blended so well with the Canadian bacon, sausage and cheese...bliss!

I know that this could have been much worse (i.e. had there been more than one slice of "The Works" remaining) but my comfort level was breached in a bad way. In the future, I will make a better effort to NEVER have cold pizza in any fridge that I feel comfortable opening up and grazing from. It's what I HAVE to do in order to keep this weight off.

Oh cold pizza. My friend and yet my enemy. We must live separate lives from now on. I will miss you, and smile forlornly when I think of you. But it's over.


  1. cold pizza is my frenemie as well.

    and nicely padded me through college :)

  2. I don't like it cold. But it IS (well, was pre-gluten free), reheated in a cast iron skillet with a lid on. VERY yummy!

  3. LOL on your last paragraph. I just wrote on someone's blog about me and chips at a Mexican restaurant--best friends and mortal enemies. Which reminds me--do you like Chipotle? I'd never eaten there, and Juice introduced me to it yesterday. YUMM. I love how you can personalize your dish. Plus, the chips were divine. And the guacamole...


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