Sunday, November 16, 2008


Confession: I don't eat breakfast very often. (I hear the many tens of my readers screaming in horror right now). Reasons being: A) If I'm not working, I get up around 6 am, have a cup of coffee, mess around on the computer for a bit, read the paper...and then crawl back under the covers for a nice little nap with Paco (who, you will recall, is my wonder dog and not the gardener!), and I wake up again around 9:30, which is too close to lunch to have breakfast; or B) If I am working, I do all that, minus the newspaper reading (I have to do that at work anyway), but my alarm goes off at 8 am so that I can shower, dress, put on make up, fix my hair, fix my hair again, grab my bag o' tricks and blast out the door by 8:55 (have I mentioned that I live ridiculously close to my workplace?) and arrive at work at 9 am. Notice there is no time allotted for eating in either of those situations. Plus, most of the time, I am just not hungry in the morning. AND, I read somewhere (that ubiquitous somewhere!)that getting enough sleep is beneficial to weight loss.

So why am I talking about breakfast???

Because I was hungry this morning, and I actually made scrambled eggs and toast and it was tasty. Two eggs, 1 piece of toast and a glass of V-8 for me; four eggs, 3 pieces of toast and milk for Jeff. Why did he have so much? Because, um...I actually intended to just split everything down the middle, but luckily came to my senses while plating the food and exercised portion control - woohoo!!! Slowly, very slowly, eating sensibly is seeping into my brain.

Oh, and here's a bonus breakfast story for you: Thanks to all the bloggers out there raving about oatmeal, I bought a box of Kashi Instant Vanilla oatmeal. Now, I don't like hot cereals. It's been years since I have actually tried any type of hot cereal, and I thought that my tastes might have changed. So, last week (on a non-working day) I read the directions (pour in bowl, add specific amount of water, microwave 1 minute, stir, microwave another 30 seconds) - seemed simple enough, right? After I did all this, it looked soupy. Of course, I really don't really know what it should look like, seeing as I never eat the stuff. I checked the box again, and it said that you could microwave it for an additional minute to make it thicker. Great! I put the bowl back into the microwave, added a minute, turned away from the microwave (you know where this is going, right?) to pour some coffee, and turned around to see an oatmeal volcano oozing out of the bowl and onto the bottom of the microwave - ARRGH!!!!! So. After I cleaned up that mess, I started over, just doing the 1 minute 30 seconds thing and letting it sit to thicken (yes I re-read the box). After all of that, guess what? I still don't like oatmeal.

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  1. OK, sleep is good - but breakfast is essential, too. Eating breakfast (esp. w/ protein) stabilizes your blood sugar and makes you less hungry, with more energy for the whole entire day!
    I don't like oatmeal, either. But I do like grits (probably bad for me - but no gluten, and I stir in a beaten egg). I also like(d) whole grain cereals better, because they just had more taste and a firmer, less slimy texture. A good one to start on is Red River Cereal. You can add nuts and raisins and a little honey or mole-asses, or whatever floats yer boat.
    Cheers - you look fabulous!


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