Monday, July 21, 2008

A Wii Fit Victory!

...I had to WeeFee told me to take a break!!! I did the Step Aerobics for 43 minutes (!!!) today - that was when she said I should take a 10 - 15 minute break and drink some water. I have never gotten that message before, but then again, I've never gone past 38 minutes, either! This is what I have been doing with WeeFee: I start with the Basic Step, and it's three minutes of pure hell. Then I do it again, and it's only purgatory. Then I switch to the Advanced Step, which is five minutes back in hell. By then, I'm warmed up, so the next five minutes is fun. As are the next three sets. Then I am back to purgatory. Then I decide whether I'm done (most days) or try and soldier on (like today). I actually think, between the bike riding and the Wii Fit, that my legs are getting firmer. Well, less flabbier. Whatever. I'll take it!

My very sore knee is getting better. Heat and Motrin are my friends!

I stuck to the basics of the diet pretty well over the weekend, with the addition of Dreyer's No Sugar Added Fruit Bars. They are 30 calories each and hit the spot with the dessert cravings that I've been having lately. What can I say...I just can't do this diet perfectly!

Tomorrow is the weigh-in - with WeeFee and the doctor's office. I hope I'm down a couple of pounds!

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  1. Wow, that is great that you can do so much time. I was going to say I did 40 min. on the stat. bike today and thought I did good. Hope the weigh in tomorrow is good but no matter you are probably losing inches.


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