Friday, March 13, 2020

FMM: The REDRUM Has a Name!

You guys had some great suggestions for our second guest room and I have to admit that while I wavered between a few choices, the winner is:

The Retro Room 

I was also leaning toward the Red Rover Room, and the Royal Suite. But retro seemed to fit it the best and considering I keep putting old-timey things in it (aka stuff from my childhood, haha), retro it is. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions - I loved all of them. Oh - Paco is sorely disappointed that he didn't make the cut but hey, he has a blog named after him so he's still a star.


I had to go to the post office earlier this week to mail a package and as usual, the clerk asked me if I needed any stamps.  I said no, completed my purchase and started to leave, and that's when I saw Sesame Street stamps!  I turned around and bought a sheet:
Bert!  Ernie!  Cookie Monster!  Not only are you looking at my childhood but my kadults childhood as well.

I have a feeling these will go the way of my beloved Harry Potter stamps, where I use them with great discretion, such as only on birthday cards.  OOH - maybe I should frame these and hang them in the Retro Room!  The theme is working already.


I planted my new succulents and am crossing my fingers that everything survives:
Donkey tail - my first one.  It's replacing a succulent that died in that pot...stay alive, little donkey tail...stay alive!
The on the left is new; it has pink edges which always lures me in.  The one on the right was getting leggy so I chopped it off and pushed it into the pot.  I like lower sitting succulents, anyway.
Again, the one on the left is new - it's fuzzy which creeps me out as much as it fascinates me.
Newbie is on the left - it's totally tubular, man. #surfervoice
Ruffled pink edge?  Yes please!


Have a great weekend!


  1. Well, you know 'I' like that name ;)

    I'm rooting for the donkey tail - what an interesting plant!

  2. That hairy one that looks like its planted in a miniature watering pot is interesting!

  3. I hope your succulents do well too!

    I love the fun stamps they come out with at the post office, and especially love all the color in the Sesame Street ones. Did you see the National Parks ones a few years ago? Those were gorgeous!

    1. We used the National Parks stamps on a bridal shower years ago - it was fun choosing park-specific stamps for some of the guests!

  4. Shhhh... don't tell the donkey succulent that the previous tenant died!

  5. Love your succulents! I have been wanting to get some but just haven't yet. I have a black thumb and am afraid that I will kill even them!

  6. Aww, I am sorry I missed the voting on the room name! Retro room seems to fit you nicely and I totally think you should frame a sheet of those stamps for in your room!


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