Monday, March 9, 2020

Cow or Bird?

On Saturday afternoon Jeff and I went on a little road trip with Karen and Jimmymeow, with our destinations being Bobo's and the Leona General Store.  What is a Bobo's, you may be wondering?  Well, it's a big nursery about an hour north of town.  Jeff and I see it when we drive to Allie's place but of course never stop because no matter what time it is, we're always trying to beat Dallas traffic.  Side note:  that rarely happens.  I swear Dallas has heavy traffic for about 20 hours a day.

Anyway, back to Bobo's.  This place was worth the drive.  It had so many colorful plants that it was wonderful just to walk around and see everything:
So much color!
Three pictures were taken; someone's eyes were closed in all of them so Jeff got to be the sacrifice for this one, LOL.

They had hanging baskets of petunias for $15 - these were at least three feet wide!  Tempting but they stayed at Bobo's - we all chose some plants but didn't get a ton because we drove Jeff's car and there wasn't that much space in the back.  I was really pleased with what we got:
Some succulents, of course.  The four smaller ones cost a total of $6.00 and the bigger one was $2.75 - such a deal!
A plant for our bedroom - the lady at Bobo's said as long as it got some light from the window and the overhead light in the room it would be fine.  Fingers crossed it survives...I haven't had a lot of luck with live plants except when they are really close to the back windows.
This was a hanging basket but I took the hanger off - needs mostly shade and I think it should do OK on our porch - well, until August, when everything pretty in Texas dies of heatstroke.
Another shot because I love it so much!
How could I resist this bougainvillea?  Three colors!!  It was a hanging basket but again, the rebel in me turned it into a potted plant.

We bought a couple more plants that were on the boring side but will look good around the yard:
Creeping Charlie to add to the hanging basket from last year - most of it didn't survive the winter so hopefully this will grow and spread its wings.  The other plant is aloe, I think - it'll replace some dead sticks in a pot.
If you were randomly driving by and saw these signs, would you have stopped?  

After we'd bought out Bobo's, we headed to the town of Leona, where we were going to eat dinner.  We'd heard that the Leona General Store served the best steaks in Texas so of course we had to check it out.  We also heard that you needed to get there really early because they only serve steak on Friday and Saturday nights.  They opened at 5:30; Leona was about a 30 minute drive from Bobo's and when we pulled up at 4:00 I thought we got there waaayyy too early.  Nope.  We weren't even the first people there:
At least we got comfy seats.  And seats in general - there ended up being a long line of people standing up for over an hour.
Karen and I took one for the team and sat out in the wind and cold while Jeff and Jimmy waited in the car - I believe there was some napping going on.  Eventually Karen made them come outside because we were getting the stinkeye from too many people who saw us holding two chairs with our purses.
Everyone was on the bottom picture to see how far the line went - Jeff took this picture 20 minutes before the restaurant opened and more people kept coming!  Side note:  the population of Leona is 181 and I know there were more than that many people at the restaurant so we weren't the only ones who came from other towns for their steak.

At 5:30 on the dot the doors opened and we were led to a table - the restaurant is much bigger than it looks from outside.  We had an amazing waitress who urged us to get our order in quickly to be ahead of the throngs of people.  We had two options:  steak or a grilled chicken breast.  Cow or bird.  Hoof or beak.  We were a little giddy from hunger so that probably seemed funnier to us than to you guys.  Of course we all got steak; I didn't see one plate with chicken anywhere in the restaurant so I guess that's a consolation prize if you get there late and they run out of steak.  Our waitress told us to go to the salad bar but "we're not known for our salad" - haha.  She made sure to tell us to get the croutons, which turned out to be wrapped club crackers.  The salad bar had lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade dressing which was a perfectly fine appetizer for what was to come.
Jimmy had already dove into the homemade rolls before I could snap a picture.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the menu, which is that little white laminated piece of paper in the middle of the table.  Your meal came with the salad bar, rolls, loaded mashed potatoes, and steak (or chicken but WHY).  Simple, efficient, and have I mentioned amazingly delicious??

This was worth the wait.  It was a fun thing to do with friends and I'd go there again.  We also had dessert because at that point, why not?  They had homemade blackberry, peach, and pecan cobbler served with vanilla ice cream, and also a brownie sundae.  Oh and banana pudding with Nilla wafers, such a southern thing.  Jeff got that; it's not my favorite so I got the blackberry cobbler and it was perfect.

Full, fat, and happy, we left the restaurant, where more people were waiting to be seated.  It was an adventure, and you will probably not be surprised to hear that I wasn't hungry for breakfast the next morning.  Oh - I brought home some leftovers too - had to made the sacrifice of not eating most of my potatoes so I could have the rolls because boy howdy were they ever good!  Plus I had some steak remaining and that shall be my lunch today, woohoo!


  1. What a fun day! I like restaurants that have limited menus--I get overwhelmed with too many choices.

    I can't wait to do spring planting, but that won't happen here for about 2 months. Last year we got snow at the end of April!

    1. I'm all for a limited menu but this was the most limited I've ever seen! Still, what more could you want??

  2. Love your new plant haul! Did the one in your room come in that beautiful turquoise pot or did you already have that?

    You know you are going to be eating good when the line is that long! What a fun night!

    Ha, I swap heads in Photoshop when we take group pics and someone has their eyes closed, and they didn't in another photo. Makes me crazy!!!

    1. I bought the pot at Home Goods about a month ago when I was redoing my bedroom - it's been bugging me to not have anything in it so I'm pleased now.

      I thought about swapping heads but it would be obvious as my photoshop skills are pretty much zilch.

  3. What a fun day! The plants you got were absolutely beautiful, and such good prices! And then to finish with such a great meal... the steaks look gigantic! A friend told me about a small steak dinner at Chili's that is only 260 calories. It was delicious. It came with broccoli and asparagus.

    1. Thanks! The steaks were huge - they started at 10 ounces and it was a very generous cut. I'll have to look into that steak dinner at Chili's - most of the time a small piece is enough to satisfy my steak craving.

  4. I almost hyperventilated at that picture of the garden center! I love plants, and those are great prices. Sounds like an awesome and fun trip.

  5. I just heard about the Leona Cafe yesterday. We also traveled 79 this weekend, but exited before Bobo's. If I had it my way, we would have zigged to include a Bobo's stop.

    1. You must plan a trip there - after driving by for so many years I'm kicking myself for not getting to Bobo's sooner.

  6. What a fun day!!! I love your purchases!

  7. I would love to go to that garden center! Eeeeeee! Does your kitty not eat indoor plants? Pixie doesn't eat the succulents, but she loves other things.


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