Friday, February 21, 2020

FMM - Thirty Cents

My parents have been in Texas, first visiting Allie at her new house and helping her buy furniture, and then visiting Jeff and I during the week while she worked.  I had Wednesday off from work so we spent the day shopping for things Allie needs, and let me tell you, we got some DEALS!  Yes most were for her but I made out pretty well, too.  I can't show you hers since they are a surprise and she will read this before she gets her goodies, but here's what I ended up with.

I'll start with the best one - when we were at TJ Maxx my dad found a set of lighted glass ornaments (that could be used for atmosphere any time of the year) for thirty cents.  Yes, cents.  He couldn't believe the price on the box and even found an employee to double check; the sticker was correct.  Then, if you can believe it, we actually stood there and debated getting them.  I know.  It was thirty whole cents and we were unsure...obviously we don't jump into everything just because it's a deal.  Anyway, we finally put them in the basket and I'm glad we did - they are so pretty:
 At a nickel an orb, I think it was a worthwhile purchase, LOL.

I hit the yarn jackpot at TJ Maxx with some knitting hat kits for $6 each - they come with straight knitting needles and enough English merino wool yarn to make both a hat and a pom pom:
All of the pom pom hats have dusty rose yarn for the pom but the body of the hat colors are navy, gray, and cream, and the other style hat has gray and cream.  You can't get this kind of yarn for $6, much less yarn with a pattern and needles!

Moving on, I think you can see why I had to buy the next items:
BUDDY THE ELF!  And Frosty, which is my favorite old-time Christmas cartoon.  These were $3.53 each from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Regular price?  $18.00 - even with my love of Buddy, I wouldn't have spent that much on a cup.

Oh, my Dad thought this was fun so he bought it for me:
Old school printed cardboard Christmas decorations - we will get our $3.00 worth of entertainment putting these together and scattering them around the house next December!

This is less exciting but kinda cool - I needed new filler for a floor vase in my bedroom (the vase hides the outlet with all the cords when you look at it dead on).  We are redoing our bedroom so I cropped the picture; I'll show you the completed look when everything is in:
This was my find at World Market - $3.48 for dried grass sounded pretty reasonable.

It wasn't all shopping while they were here - we also went out to try a new restaurant in town.  Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que had the best brisket I've ever tasted - in fact we all loved it:
This meal cost more than 30 cents but it was well worth it!

Anyway, that was my week - fun, frugal, and a bit frivolous.  Plus some tasty, tasty brisket.  My parents are going back to Allie's today for furniture delivery - hoo boy, it will be nice to finally have somewhere comfy to sit in her living room!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love finding stuff like that! Such bargains. You can't feel one bit badly about spending that money!

  2. What a fun post of finds and happy time with family!!!

  3. Mmmmmmm brisket! My favorite bbq item for sure. I can't believe your stores still have Christmas items in the bargain bins - and you found the perfect things. I found a big 24 oz. Tervis that is all Santa's reindeer marked down and bought it right before Christmas, but I've been using it on the weekends to remind myself to get my water in. I always forget how much you look like your dad until I see his picture. Both your parents look great!

    1. Not having shopped much lately (no driving has reallllly cut down on that), I was surprised as well to see Christmas stuff still around in late February. I have a couple of 24 ounce Tervis tumblers that I love for water; knowing if I get through three of them a day, I've done well on that end.

      Yeah, my dad and I do look alike. :)

  4. Those lighted orbs are very fun. Where are you going to put them? Also, I am jealous of your Buddy the Elf cup. I might have to go to a Bed Bath and Beyond to see if I can find one for myself! Also, Brisket! I love it!

    1. I'm thinking of stringing them along my fireplace mantle? Or maybe clustered in a bowl on a many possibilities!! I hope you can find a Buddy cup - I did have to root through their 70% off table for it; totally worth it.

  5. Knitting bargains!!!!! I want those!!!!

    Love this post.

    1. It was the best knitting deal I've ever gotten! :)

  6. How fun to visit with your parents and find those steals WHOA you made out! That is really neat about the knitting kits -think you will give them as gifts to people to learn how to knit, or make the hats yourself?

  7. Holy cow! I didn't even think they sold anything for 30 cents at Marshalls! What a steal! So after your Gingerbread house post, I bought some Gingerbread house box sets on clearance for I believe 75 cents. I bought 5 of them! I don't care if they will be stale by next Christmas as I won't be eating them anyway but I thought maybe it would be fun to do a contest like you do ( If I can find some friends or family to

  8. Those lights were probably $10 at regular cost, so a nice score - Plus they work all for 30 cents!

    We bought one of the inflatables for the lawn on clearance. It's for Halloween (stacked pumpkins) - total impulse purchase but it was $10! Those things are expensive.

    What will you do with those kits?

  9. Those are some great deals


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