Friday, February 7, 2020

FMM - Super Mishmashy

I'm all over the place today, but let's begin with some cuteness...

I've been getting in some good baby holding time lately:
Aiden - three months old here and such a cutie pie!
Mateo - five weeks old and already has a perfect head of hair, complete with natural part.  He is so tiny that even when he started getting hungry, he was just making sad faces while kind of squeaking; it was adorable!

Paco is morphing into an old Russian woman:
He looks silly but sleeps so well when we wrap him up in a blanket.

My version of recycling:
These are the boxes that the Starbucks travel series mugs come in.  They're good boxes and fun colors so I've saved them, and when I reorganized my closet last week, they worked out perfectly to hold all of my essentials.

Does anyone else do this?  Save good boxes?  I will not only admit to doing it, but that it got out of hand - I had good boxes stashed in so many places it was ridiculous.  We are redoing our bedroom with new furniture and when I was emptying out our old dresser, between the good boxes and good bags - well let's just say I could have opened up a store...if that store only sold empty boxes and bags.


Today is a memorable one for me - 33 years ago I became a mother!  Happy birthday to my firstborn, Sam!  Here's an old picture of me, my first husband Tom Selleck (or maybe Burt Reynolds?), and baby Sam:
I always liked holding babies, especially my own.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love holding babies too--I've had quite a few newborns in my practice this month! It's really a nice perk of working in pediatrics!

    Happy birthday to your baby!

  2. OMG I am dying at that photo of Jeff! He kind of looks like Will Ferrell to me for some reason lol. Happy Birthday Sam! (And how is it you are old enough to be the mother of a 30-something?)

    Oh man, I love a baby with a head of hair and Mateo's is the best. I bet he smelled like new baby too.

    1. I know, isn't Jeff funny in that picture? I didn't see WF in him then, or now...hmmmmm.

  3. OMG THAT THROWBACK PICTURE!!!! That mustache! Holy cow. Happy birthday to Sam!

    I love holding babies too! They're so dang cute.

    Your other baby, Paco, looks so sweet all wrapped up! I'm amazed he sleeps like that - when we cover Violet up she wiggles her way out pretty quickly.

  4. Great idea for those boxes. You are clever!

    I collect them as well but have thrown away all the boxes. I never want to pack them in my luggage...take up too much room.

    1. I've struggled in the past to make sure I can fit those boxes in my luggage, that's how much I like them. But I always make it work. :)

  5. OMG - the boxes and the bags -I am with ya, sistah! Hubby finally had to do like he did with my dead bananas I save in the freezer for making banana bread: Here's your bin/shelf. When you want to add a banana/box, you must get rid of one that's already there or just recycle it now. The conflict is real! LOL

    LOVE the throwback picture - happy birthday to Sam!

  6. I love holding babies also...but alas none in my life for a while!

    1. As with us, you just need to find some younger friends - they're the baby makers! ;)

  7. Happy belated to Sam!

    OMG, I totally keep boxes too. Last week I was looking for some SB mugs boxes but I've apparently used them all! So I got something out from my box collection.

    The babies are so cute. And Mateo's hair! Heart-eye emoji!

    Pets are so cute when they are all wrapped in a blanket like that :)

  8. I totally save good boxes to reuse!
    There is nothing better than holding a baby.

  9. The pic of you and Jeff with baby Sam is just precious! Happy birthday to him!
    I also find myself saving more "good" boxes than I should.


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