Friday, January 17, 2020

Hair Fun

Long story short, I've been less-than pleased with my hair color for over a year now - my hairdresser of 15-ish years suddenly retired to open a restaurant, and while I liked the woman she recommended as a replacement, I never felt that she knew how to do highlights as well as my former hairdresser.  Plus the cuts were getting, uhhh, interesting - I'm not super picky, but the last one was a little short and yet longer on one side, while stacked in the back and yeahhh...just not my best look.

For the last year or so, Allie has been experimenting with different color combos on her hair.  She gets compliments all the time, and when we were looking at furniture after our hair appointment, a salesman said he liked it and asked if it was natural.  I told him she was born with it, haha.

Allie loves her hairdresser, so I asked if she could get me an appointment with him while I was there for Christmas, just to get it cut.  She did, he was wonderful, and while he cut my hair, I asked him what he would do to color it.  His enthusiasm and ideas led me to make another appointment for when I returned from my trip to California, and that's when Allie and I had our first mother/daughter hair appointment!

The finished product - he curled our hair for fun, which added to the experience and made us walk out of there feeling amazing:
All Allie had done was a trim and a deep conditioning since her hair had been colored three weeks prior - but look how intense the color is, still.  My hair had three different things done to reduce the gold and bring it to a more natural color.  I couldn't tell you what they were, but I love it.
 She's been going to him for about a year now; he's hilarious and they were fun to watch riff off of each other. And her hair looks fabulous!
The new me, yippee!
Not curled - which is more of my (lazy) style, much as I love the curls.


  1. I love the new style! For my sister's wedding, I had my son's GF curl my hair like that. I can't do it myself so it was a fun change!

  2. Very cute!! I gotta say, I really love the curls on you! But I am also too lazy for curls every day, so I get why you wouldn't want to do it all the time. :) And that's pretty amazing that Allie's color is still so rich and vibrant after 3 weeks!! Impressive!

  3. I kinda like the lazy look myself. But both ways looks are very flattering.
    Allie's blue to purple...excellent.

  4. Those curls are so cute! But they do look hard to do. I wouldn't know where to start!

  5. Mother/daughter hair appointment - how fun! Princess and I have never had a mother/daughter hair appointment, but we HAVE had mother/daughter tattoo appointment, does that count? LOL Love the new hair, cut and color - it's so hard to find new hair stylists that are a good fit, isn't it? They should never be allowed to retire/change jobs/or move to Tennessee, like mine did...

  6. I don't want to be too dramatic, but this is the post I've been waiting for!!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR! Both of you!!!! You ladies look so refreshed and beautiful!! :)

    And OMG when you said it was your first mother-daughter hair appointment, I flashed back to my first hair appointment with my mom where we both got spiral perms. Including my bangs. My bangs were spiral permed. To be fair it was the early 90's, but still. So thank goodness your first mother-daughter hair experience came at a time that hair looks awesome :)

  7. So cute! Curled or straight it looks good. Love Allie's color too

  8. Both of you look fantastic!!! I love her strong hair color but I bet it costs a fortune to keep it up. I know someone that had something similar but with grape purples and it was beautiful but she spent so much on it for upkeep.

  9. You both look fantastic! Are you going to try to go to him for all your coloring now? That would be a great reason to visit Allie :) Just a couple hours drive, right?! ;)


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