Wednesday, November 20, 2019

WWU - Moving is a Workout, Right?

Sure sure, I've been keeping up with my PT exercises and my once weekly workout with Jared, but the majority of my movement has come from moving - er, moving a household, not just moving moving.  For the last two weekends we've driven to Dallas on Friday afternoon, spent the weekend helping with getting Allie moved, and then driving home on Sunday evening.  And while she hired movers for the actual move, there was unpacking and carrying stuff and more unpacking...but by the time we left on Sunday, pretty much everything was set up and all that remained was for her to unpack boxes for certain rooms.  It was fun and of course we enjoy helping, but that was enough exercise for me - and believe me, it was plenty.

So, in lieu of talking about my workouts, I thought I'd show you some random pictures from last weekend. 

Here's the most important room in the house:
The guest room!  

She had Jeff and I choose the mattress since we'll be sleeping on it, and then we worked together to decide on the bedding and headboard.  I love the deep window sill - of course I cleaned the room for the picture, but it makes a handy spot for a weekend bag.
The headboard is from Ikea - it's mounted on the wall, and the little side tables are movable.  Plenty of room on top for an iPad or book, plus your phone can go inside.  Pretty clever idea, eliminating the need for nightstands, which is great in a small room.  We still need to get some reading lights and decorations above the bed, but it's good to go as is.
Ikea success - just waiting for the headboard to be brought out.  It wasn't that rough of an Ikea/moving trip...maybe we're getting better at this?

Before it started to fill up with boxes, I made Allie do a dramatic recreation of the cupboard under the stairs which of course was Harry Potter's first room:
The air mattress fit perfectly - this could have been another guest room!
They had the run of the entire house but spent a good 15 minutes hanging out in Harry Potter's room.

Allie's best friend Kevin, aka our third child, came up with us last weekend.  He is a beast and was a huge help in getting the rest of Allie's stuff ready for the movers.
Kitchen after unpacking everything the first weekend.
The refrigerator was delivered on the following Saturday morning, which was a game changer - cold food and drinks, woohoo!  Since the walkway between the fridge and countertop wasn't huge, Allie picked a handle-free model which makes it look really sleek.  Plus I love that drawer. 
A little more color in the kitchen - but dangit, I just realized I didn't buy any plants for the windowsill!  Next time.
After the movers were finished, Allie and I went to a furniture store to get some ideas for her living room  - because she put her good TV upstairs, the couch went with it so now she doesn't have any furniture for the living room.  It's a blank slate and it'll be fun to see how it evolves.  She didn't buy anything yet, but after not having anything to sit on at the house, you better believe we tested out couches for quite a while, LOL.
First meal cooked in her new house - Allie made us egg mcmuffins for Sunday breakfast.  They were delicious.  You can see the clutter on the windowsill in the background, plus the fridge stand-in (ice chest) in the background.  By the time we left all of that was put away.
The TV made it through the move!  That smile was when she plugged it in and it turned on.  Along with Allie, there's my left foot and Jeff's right foot in the shot, along with Paco, of course.
Paco stood in front of the wrong door wanting to be let in every. single. time.
Allie took us out for a celebration meal before Kevin, Jeff, and I left for home.  And then we left her in her own home.  Everyone is adulting so nicely!


  1. Ha, I love that Paco was so willing to help with the Harry Potter room recreation. Dogs are so helpful :)

    The house looks great! I'm having serious kitchen envy - it's beautiful!!! And I remember many mother/daughter IKEA trips when I was first living on my own. I thought it was so fun to have my mom tag along and help pick that stuff out, and I'm sure Allie agrees :)

  2. Love this! That headboard in the guest room is just genius. You really have a great eye for decorating.

  3. I've always thought if I win the lottery and get to buy and redecorate a house, I'd hire a professional but now I'm thinking, I'll just fly you to wherever the house is and have you do it for me. Everything looks so nice and Allie and Sam are lucky they have a mom-decorator to help them settle in!

  4. Paco looks so tiny waiting at the door. At first I thought it was another dog! And that refrigerator is huge!! I'm jealous!!

  5. I love her new place! And moving is DEFINITELY a workout!

    That IKEA headboard is brilliant. I love that it's modular! I can't wait to see what Allie ends up getting for the living room!

  6. Aww what great spaces so far! Can't wait to see how it evolves with your touch for decorating! That headboard is awesome!


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