Friday, September 6, 2019

FMM - Logan Turns Two!

Two years old and rolling like a boss.

I can't believe that our youngest Renegade is two years old!  He has grown into the cutest little toddler, smart as a whip and so fun to be around.  His birthday party last Saturday was low-key, held at his Gammy - er, Gigi's (funny how you choose a "grandma" name when the baby is born but when they learn to talk, you go with what they say; Sam did the same thing to my mom) house, which happens to be across the street from the neighborhood pool, so most of us went swimming - it was great to cool off in the pool while watching Logan play.

After pool time, we went back to Gigi's for cupcakes and presents.  He got a lot of cool toys and things that inadvertently worked together - for example, his Aunt Christi and Aunt Laura gave him a pair of small foldable soccer goals, while Diane gave him a soccer ball, so he got to try both out on the front lawn.

We gave him a motorcycle, or moco, as he's called them for a while now, and it took him a minute to get the feel of the balance but then he was off and rolling.
The path was a little slanted so he had speed right away.
First crash - nice soft grass to cushion it.
Second crash - I swear it looked like he was enjoying it...maybe we have a mini Evel Knievel on hand?
Then Logan was rolling up and down the street.  The last picture makes me laugh  - it looks like the moco made him a little dizzy.

We all ended up just hanging around outside, watching Logan play with his new toys.  I didn't get a picture of him driving it, but he got a riding dump truck from mom and dad and he had fun with that; the first time he drove it he got off the path and onto the grass and a back wheel was spinning...he kept looking back at it saying "my wheel" and from then on, he'd drive a few feet and then look back at his wheels, all the time repeating "my wheel" - too cute.
The moco looks so small next to the dump truck - I wonder if it might fit in the back?  Hmmm.  Oh - the truck came with huge plastic rocks so he had a load to deliver right from the start.
There are many ways to brake on a moco, including a helpful foot.
Andi and Karen, just hanging around, watching Logan play in the street.
Eventually Logan went inside with Gigi and the Renegades did what we do best - hang around on the sidewalk and talk talk talk.
Totally unplanned group photo - I like it! 

I'd asked Jimmy to take that group picture but I felt bad not having him in the shot, so I snuck a couple of shots afterward when he was standing behind me:
He caught me!

Logan ended up going inside with Gigi to play with his toys but we all stayed on the sidewalk for about another hour.  The weather was cooler than normal, the company was good, and it ended up being a really great way to finish the party.  Perfect planning, Cary!

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a cute little motorcyle. Logan looks like he's relishing the toys and the attention from all his Renegade aunties and uncles.

    1. He did, and I love how comfortable he is around us. He's a sweetheart. :)

  2. What a fun day! Especially with swimming included. Logan looked like he really liked that motorcycle!!

    1. I think he did, whew! You always hope that whatever you choose is a hit...but ya never know until they see it, LOL.

  3. What a fun day. It was obvious that everyone had a blast!!!

  4. Aww I can't believe the youngest is TWO!!!! I love that he has a special name for his moco. William did too! And did the feet off the ground thing! It's irresistible!!


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