Friday, July 12, 2019

We Have a Teenager!

That's right, Paco turned 13!  He's acting like a normal teenager, leaving his stuff around the house, dropping food wherever he eats, sleeping all the livelong day - be it canine or human, teenagers are all the same.  But we love them anyway.

We celebrated Paco's birthday with a plate of treats:
Pizza squeaky toy, an iced donut, and an iced ice cream cone!  And look how nicely he's posing, waiting for the OK to start checking out his treats.
Ize creme cone taste gud.
Noze fit in donut hole.
Eatin' ize creme cone first before it melt.
Pizza time.  Pepronis not real, dis not rite.
Ize creme agin.  Mite drip on rug.  Don't care.  Dat whut yu get for gibing me fake pizza.  Ware my pepronis?

Paco had a very good day enjoying all the extra attention and treats.  And in the evening while I was doing my PT exercises on the floor of my bedroom with Paco dutifully watching, Jeff tossed the pizza toy up in the air and Paco jumped up to catch it!  He hasn't done that in years.  They played and played and then Paco did that down on his front legs, excited and ready to run or chase you, just like when he was a puppy.  It was so cute!  Jeff chased him for a minute but there's no traction for Paco now that we have tile floors and he was skidding out a lot.  He got to spend the night on our bed so I'd say his birthday was pretty much perfect for him.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Aww Happy birthday to your teenager! I hope 13 treats him well. Glad he is still acting like a young pup!

  2. Happy birthday Paco!!!! Glad he had such a special day and played like a pup again!!!

  3. Sweet, sweet pooch. I love Paco posts.

  4. Paco is such a handsome teenager! Happy Birthday Paco! We love Paco blog posts.

  5. His ears in the waiting picture just kill me! Happy Birthday Paco. Good boy.

  6. Happy birthday Paco!!! That's exactly how I want to spend my next birthday - pizza, ice cream, and donuts!! :)

  7. It sounds like those meds Paco is on now have really done wonders for him :D Happy bday Paco!

  8. Happy Birthday, Paco!!! from Sophie, Bessie, Chloe, Zoey, and Noah!

  9. Happy Birthday Paco! That sounds like a great day! I love all his toys and that he was so excited to play with them and jumping and catching!

    Sigh, those hard surface floors. I feel bad for our animals on them!


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