Friday, July 26, 2019

FMM - Renegade Babies No More...

Our Renegade babies are growing up so quickly that they really aren't babies anymore!  Luckily we'll be getting the next batch of Renegade babies soon...Mason and Logan are both going to be big brothers!  While we wait for the new babies, please enjoy the antics of the OGRB*:

Their personalities are so funny - check out Mason, Jimmy, and the cracker:
Jimmymeow asked Mason if he could have one of his crackers...
Mason handed him a cracker, but when Jimmy popped the entire thing in his mouth Mason was not pleased!  I guess Jimmy was only supposed to admire the cracker and then hand it back, LOL.
Notice how he's leaning away from that cracker-thief Jimmy, LOL!

Logan and the cookie dough:
Eating cookie dough...everyone loves cookie dough!
I get it Logan, it IS that good!
Cheesin' with Jeff.
Annndddd, he's done with pictures!

Logan and the bread dough:
The baker brought out some dough that he was working with - starting Logan early on his baking skills!
And his throwing skills.
You never knew which way the dough was going to fly...nice catch, Dad!

There ya go - forward to Andi!

Who knew that watching a little kid with a ball of dough would make so many adults laugh?  This was a great way to close out our morning at Blue Baker.

*Original Gangster Renegade Babies.


  1. Wohoo to more babies to cuddle and play with! (And to take pictures of!!)

    How is Jeff doing with running? I assume he is still running with the Renegade group on Saturdays? Any upcoming races for him?

    1. Jeff's having a good running season although he's bored from always running by himself - Diane and I used to run with him during the week. No races, it's too hot and no one holds any.

  2. Playing with that bread dough is a good way to develop his fine motor skills! Enjoyable AND educational! :)

    1. We all kinda want some bread dough to play with now. :)

  3. Can't wait to see the new babies because you're right, these two are growing up fast. They are still SUPER cute and I love seeing what they are up to.

    Note to self: next time you make bread, remember to throw the dough around and have a good time!

    1. Just be sure to throw the dough so it doesn't fall on the floor...gets a little gritty that way. ;)

  4. Now they are Renegade Toddlers! Bittersweet for sure, but fun days are ahead!

  5. Congratulations on new renegade babies coming! We got to visit with our friends and see their new (4 1/2 month) grandbaby who they call "Little Gal". So fun.


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