Friday, May 3, 2019

FMM - Change of Pace

Let's take a break from all of my herniated disc issues for something lighter.  Something cuter.  Something four-legged.  That's right, it's time for some pet pictures!
Some days it's really hard to make the can I disturb these two?
This is Henry's version of posing for a picture.
He likes close ups.
I see you have watermelon.  I like watermelon.
Fine.  I'll just sleep instead of helping you with that watermelon.
I had to pillow block him, so he licked his chops white I ate watermelon.  OK fine, I shared some when I was finished...I can't deny him forever!
Don't know why you keep laying on couch but OK, I'll keep you company.
Shhhh, napping.
Can't. Keep. Eyes. Open.
Soooo sleepy.
Making sure you stay on couch and rest your leg.

Paco has been my loyal companion while I've been couch bound.  If I sigh, he's right there.  If I cry, he's in my face, shaking until I stop.  If he could fix me, he would.  He's a very good boy and I'm lucky that he's mine.  And Jeff's but let's face it, I'm his favorite.  And I'm OK with that!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Awww! So funny, every morning when I go up to make the bed, Cocoa lays right there, next to the pillows, and I can't finish the job. She likes to lay with me on the couch, especially the last month or so when I wasn't feeling well. It's like they know. She also loves to beg for fruits and veggies when I'm making smoothies. Dogs make our lives better!

  2. I love that Paco sleeps covered up! Does he finagle the covers on his own or do you guys have to cover him?

    What a good companion!!!!

  3. Good to see Paco keeps you such good company at times like this. Henry has beautiful eyes.
    I hope you have a good weekend to, and I hope your feeling better soon!

  4. What a loyal buddy he is. I miss the days where Baylee could jump up on the bed with me.

  5. How funny! I don't think my dogs have ever had watermelon. But they can smell an apple from a mile away!

  6. I love that he is taking such good care of you. And Henry is very lovely in his close ups.

  7. With loyalty like that, he deserves watermelon! How funny that he likes it.

  8. Henry's picture made me laugh. He's like "Hey ladies..." :D

  9. They're so adorable, but let's be honest... this made me really hungry for watermelon!!!!


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