Monday, March 11, 2019

Ask Me (Almost) Anything, Redux

It's been two years since my last AMA post, so I thought I'd throw it out again in case there are any burning questions that you think I can answer.  Ask me (almost) anything either in the comments below, or you can email me ( and I'll do a reply post next Monday.

In the meanwhile, here's some adorable Renegade toddlers to keep you amused:
Mason and Logan, "hiding" at Blue Baker.
Watching the bakers play with dough is always interesting!
These sweet little guys are both great huggers!  It's so fun to watch their friendship bloom.

I also took 18 month pictures of Logan and his Gammy, and I couldn't resist posting the older pictures to show how much he's grown:
18 months - March 2019
12 months - September 2018
6 months - March 2018

One more 18 month shot - Logan ran full on into Gammy for a big hug:
It's pretty clear they adore each other!

OK, don't forget to leave me questions in the comments (or email)!


  1. I was wondering if you have finished that sweater you started for yourself yet? The one you showed on the blog a while back. Even those girls over at some times abandon projects and come back to them years later.

  2. Wow, you can really see how much Logan has grown!

    I think we need a ranking of your favorite Will Ferrell movies. Oops, question format. What are your favorite Will Ferrell movies in list form?! LOL

  3. Are you still volunteering at the hospital? How are your kids doing? How are Paco's allergies? :)

  4. I’m struggling with menopause and weight gain. It doesn’t appear that you are - or maybe you’ve got it all figured out? Any suggestions?

  5. I know you love to knit, however, have you ever been into sewing? If so, what have you made?


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