Friday, February 8, 2019

FMM - Renegade Toddlers!

I have some fun Renegade toddler pictures for you today!  After our run on Saturday, Mason and Logan were so cute playing while we cooled off on the driveway.  I wanted to get a picture of the two of them together, but trying to get two toddlers to be still and be in the same general vicinity is like herding cats...not gonna happen.  Mason loves to run down the sidewalk and I daresay he's going to be racing soon as he is fast!  Jimmymeow corralled him at one point so I got this picture:
He's still a little wary of the strange lady with the camera; can't say that I blame him!

Meanwhile Logan is all about the camera since I've basically been in his face since he was born, taking pictures, so he is definitely used to this:

Shenanigans at Blue Baker:
I call this one Mom Reflexes - Mason was juuuust about to toss his toy on the floor when both mom hands went up for the block!
Hey man!  Long time no see.
Story time was super fun - they both loved listening to Cary read to them.
Then they took over - it's awesome to see how much both boys love books!

One of the bakers treated us with some cookie dough, which was really nice:
This was snickerdoodle dough.  Some in our group loved it, but it was just OK for me - chocolate chip cookie dough is still my all-time favorite.


We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow - we're running the Missions Heritage race in San Antonio.  This was originally going to happen in October but the organizers had to change the date, so with it coming so soon after Houston, no one was really interested in staying in San Antonio for the weekend like we've done previously.  With the race starting at 7:45 am, we will be on the road for the 3 hour drive very early...but it will be a fun adventure for the Renegades!  Stay tuned for a race report next week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I spy a handknit hat on Logan's head! The boys are getting so big. And cute!

    Good luck on your race tomorrow!

    1. Yep, I bought that yarn from Logan's mama, knitted a hat for my dad last year, and had enough remaining to make one for Logan! :)

  2. Those boys are growing up fast! Logan has great taste in hats!

    Safe travels to your race tomorrow man that is gonna be a early get up time. Good luck on your race.

  3. They are getting so big!!!!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Thanks for sharing them with us - it's really fun watching them grow!

    1. It's gone so quickly and they are really quite adorable! :)

  5. They are such cuties! Did you make the hat Logan is wearing?

    Yum that is my fave kind of cookie. COOKIE DOUGH NOM NOM NOM

    I hope you had fun at the race!


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