Friday, November 30, 2018

FMM - Of Longhorns and Dogs

First up, the answer to my question from Monday's post - to refresh your memory (if it's anything like mine, it needs refreshing constantly), here's the picture with the word in question:
Everyone who commented was correct - it says GRAZE.

When I first saw it, Ben was slightly turned away from me and I first read it as CRUZE.  I thought, what does that mean?  Then he faced me and I read GRUZE.  Still confused.  And honestly, I still don't read the longhorn's head as an A, but that's what it represents, and Ben (who is graduating next Saturday from UT Austin, yay!) said that it's used a lot as an A in graphics at the school.  Well, I'm not a Longhorn (nor an Aggie - I can't relate to any of these Texas university mascots), so it didn't click with me.  It also didn't click with Andi, so it's not just me.  Although you, my readers, apparently got it - how??

Also, GRAZE is one of UT Austin's ultimate teams, which Ben plays for.  So there you have it - mystery solved.


I got the best deal on Cyber Monday!  I looked at all of the ads, and there really wasn't anything I wanted, needed, or wanted to give as a Christmas gift, so it was pretty much a bust for me.  But on Monday evening I got an email from the online pharmacy that my vet uses for routine medicine, saying that Heartgard was $35 off a year's supply plus an extra 10% off for Cyber Monday.  That stuff is expensive; I used to only buy a six month supply at a time from my old vet because of the cost.  But when I checked out my new vet's price, it was a lot cheaper (grrr to my old vet), plus with the discount I ended up paying $6 more for a year's supply than I did for six month's supply, which is when I last needed to buy it - from my previous vet.

So there you have it - my awesome Cyber Monday deal was for Paco's heartworm preventative medicine.
Tank yu.  Got to keep blogdog healthy, rite?


Speaking of Paco, he's lost weight over the last year - he used to hover around 28-29 pounds, but he's clocking in at a very svelte 24 pounds now, and he's cold!  Hey I get it - I was freezing all the time when I first lost weight.  I bought him a vest and while he's not quite sure of it when I put it on him, he is toasty warm and has stopped shivering inside the house:
Feel like lumberjack, Mom.

Also, dog vests/sweaters are hard to buy - in some he's a medium, in others he's a large.  There were a few bought, brought home, tried on, and returned.  I think I spent more time outfitting him than I have myself lately!


We have the St. Nick 5K/10K fun run tomorrow, which is always a sweet little race that runs through our tiny historic district.  Jeff and the other marathoners are running from the clubhouse to the race start - just a mere 12 miles - and then will do the 10K for a total of 18 miles.  Sounds pretty awful to me but he's excited about it.  I am happy with doing the 5K, thank you very much.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That look Paco's giving you in that picture of him wearing his vest is priceless! Paco looks like he's really not sure about this, and he looks put upon, like here I am being long suffering mom. LOL Since, Paco is a beloved member of the family why not shop black Friday for him.

    Have fun doing your 5k!

  2. So funny, we don't put a sweater on Cocoa. She doesn't seem cold. But I have considered boots for her.

    Good luck on your race!

  3. That jacket fits Paco perfectly!! It looks good on him too, but I did LOL at his comment (lumberjack :)) Have fun at your race tomorrow. You are doing the right distance!

  4. Have fun at your race! Paco looks so cute in his jacket. Has the vet said the weight loss is part of his aging? What a deal on his meds! YAY Cyber Monday, lol!

  5. Real life problems of a blog dog!!!! Glad he is toasty warm again!!!

    Have fun at the race!!!


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