Monday, October 29, 2018

A Bit of Cuteness For Your Monday...

Our littlest Renegade has been growing, and while we see the changes in Logan on a weekly basis, it was really brought home on Saturday.  Cary had dressed him in an outfit from last spring and we were all surprised to see that it fit because he's grown so much.  But as most parents remember, once the baby starts walking, they lean out a bit...and here's proof of it in Logan:
Left - April, with some standing assistance; Right - October, standing all by himself!  Don't worry, mom was right outside of the shot.  But my gosh, look at how tall he is now!
Reaching for his feet; checking out his shoes...funny to see the same mannerisms in both pictures.

We had so much fun with him at Blue Baker.  He's very easy to make smile, and his laugh is infectious!  He will still let us cuddle him, but he's very watchful of his parents now.  When Cary went to refill coffee, she played peek-a-boo with him from afar:
He started sucking his fingers this week...
Cary was playing with him, pulling his hand away from his mouth.  He'd just laugh and then go back to sucking on them.

Logan and his dad walked around the restaurant for a bit, checking out the steps near the front.  He's getting pretty good at going up them!  But after a while, it was time to chill:
Sometimes a guy just needs to kick back with his dad and contemplate life...

I know I've said this before, but it is so much fun to watch Logan grow and discover new things, and I love getting my weekly dose of this little guy.  Everyone needs a Logan in their life!


  1. He's adorable and I can't believe how much he's looking less like a baby and more like a little boy.

    1. I know! The full on little boy look will happen when he gets his first haircut...hopefully not for a while.

  2. He is absolutely adorable...and we all DO need a bit of Logan! It’s crazy to see how much he grew this summer!!!

  3. That's amazing to see how much taller he is in just a few months! He is a delightful little boy. Such great parents!

  4. Yes, everyone does need a little Logan to make them smile! One of my cousins had a baby in May and I love getting the occasional photo text to see how much he's growing! I saw him a lot this summer and will get to again around Thanksgiving, and I'm sure the differences will be huge!

    Leaning out is one of my goals right now too - if only it were so easy as adults! ;)

  5. Aww I agree! How fortunate you are to have this little Renagade baby in your group and watch him grow. He is one lucky little man to have the love and support of all of you!

  6. I've obviously been away from the blogging world for quite some time! What a precious renegade he is!

  7. Everyone does need a Logan! You can really see the difference in that first pic! I noticed that with my nephew this weekend too, how much he's leaned out now that he's walking.


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