Wednesday, July 11, 2018

WWU - Catching Up

This actually happened a week and half ago, but because blog traffic is so light during a holiday, I saved it for this update. 

It was super warm for our run on Saturday - the feels like temperature was already 86 degrees at 6:00 am.  I'd spent the first half of the week dealing with a stomach bug (2018 seems to be the year of barfing for me) and slight fever, and had barely eaten anything.  I didn't run all week, obviously, and my legs were feeling pretty wobbly, so I decided to just see how it went, not push myself, and walk as often as I wanted.  Diane and I ended up doing hill repeats together, and I know that you runners out there will be surprised to hear that, but wait:  we did downhill repeats.  Yes, we mostly walked up the hill and ran all the way down - it was about a third of a mile.  It was just what I needed, some easy, successful running.  We did three repeats and then I headed back to the clubhouse while Diane ran a few more miles.

After everyone had returned, the crew brought out homemade peach ice cream and bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes to celebrate Jeff's retirement.  Ice cream on a day as hot as that was a perfect treat, and the bundtinis were literally the icing on the cake:
A happy retiree right here!
It was so cute - Mason immediately went to Jeff as soon as he got his ice cream.  Of course Jeff shared with him!
Logan had a bite of his mom's cake, but wait...
Gammy has cake too!
He crawled over to her and was rewarded with both cake and icing.
Blissed out on chocolate! 
Afterward, he went to our cold washcloth tub to clean himself off.  Or splash in the water - either way, he got clean.
Meanwhile, Mason was down the street at his favorite mailbox, playing ready set go with his mom.  He loves to run and I can't wait to see him in his first little race!

We still went to Blue Baker for some breakfast to balance out all the sugar; good times were had by all.  When it was time for Mason to leave, he and Logan had a sweet little goodbye moment:
Mason was going in for a kiss - awww!
Such a cute smile!
Then Logan leaned over to give Mason some affection - our Renegade babies are so cute!


  1. I did not know that Jeff was celebrating retirement! Congrats to him. What industry was he in? So do you two have big travel plans ahead?

  2. Congrats to Jeff on his retirement! How nice to be done with work. Looks like a fun celebration.

  3. Now I want peach ice cream and a bundtini.

    So happy for Jeff - retirement is a wonderful thing, especially if you get to move on to something you like better.

    Those hill repeats? You should call 'em Reverse Repeats. What a great idea to get some exercise in that awful heat/humidity you guys deal with.

  4. That was so nice of your group to celebrate Jeff's retirement. I like your reverse hill repeats. Just right after a week of barfing :) And the babies--you guys sure have fun with those babies!

  5. When I grow up I want to be retired.

  6. Congrats Jeff.

    Ice cream and cake. Love your friends.

    Downhill repeats are a great drill.

  7. Congrats to Jeff, yay!!! What a great group to celebrate with!

    Downhill repeats are good for building your quads! I bet you were feeling them!


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