Wednesday, March 14, 2018

WWU - Everyone Runs!

I've been back at Planet Fitness for several weeks now, and along with the 30 minute circuit room, Diane and I also hit the 12 minute Ab room, although I can assure you we do not do 12 minutes of ab work in there.  We are up to using three of the machines, and they are quite challenging, especially at the end of our workout.

I also have been arriving early to either walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill, or else do a little speedwork on the treadmill...which is dang hard!  Sheesh, just a little bit of that and I'm a sweaty mess.  Luckily I've discovered what time the air conditioner kicks on (3:47 pm, in case you're wondering) and which treadmill is directly under the blower, so I try to snag that machine on speedwork days.  I've also been using the glute machine, which helps strengthen your glutes as well as stretches your hamstrings.

Despite all of this, my dumb hamstring/glute area has been hurting me ever since the first week of the Olympics, when I developed Olympics Butt from sitting, knitting, and watching all the events for too long each evening.  It's extra irritating because it's bothering me to run; lately it never relaxes and ends up pulling the entire run to the point where I don't feel like I'm getting a full stride in.  I've been doing the hamstring stretches that I learned from my physical therapist back in 2013, but it's not resolving.  Not sure what I should try next, but this is literally a pain in the butt.


On Saturday, our entire group of Renegades showed up to run - even the Renegade babies!  I'm sorry I didn't realize that until I started writing this know I'd have gotten a group picture to commemorate it.  Andi, Diane, Cary, Logan, and I all ran together.  It was warm and humid, and while I thought I'd run five miles, the truth is between the hamstring, heat, and humidity, I was just not feeling it.  Diane veered off to get a few extra miles in, while the rest of us headed back to the clubhouse.  We finished with 3.65 miles and that was good - it was Cary's first time to run with Logan in the jogging stroller, and she did great, but it was also nice to not overdo just yet.

We finished and of course I had to take a picture of Cary and Logan:
First mommy and baby run together!

We were cooling off on the driveway when we saw CC, Loretta, and Mason returning, with Mason in the lead:
Mason was running...
and then, bloop!  Down he went.
But wait, he's back up and charging full steam ahead!

Koda came out so Mason got to pet him:
Koda is such a good dog with the babies.
CC and Mason - those little teeth!  Such a cutie!

Logan and his Gammy...
Juuusstt before he dropped off to sleep...


  1. You are sure rocking the workouts. Even with a sore tush.

  2. I think your new running buddies are super cute!

    I prefer the treadmill for speedwork, especially if I'm determined to hit certain paces. Outside I can back off whereas with a mill belt, it forces me to keep going. I decided a few weeks ago to add some of that back in to my routine and I'm actually starting to notice a tiny improvement on pavement. I guess that's what keeps me going when it feels hard.

    I think the last time you hurt your hammy, I was just getting over a similar thing. And here we are in the same boat again. I'm dealing with the hamstring insertion this time and know it takes for-ev-er to heal. So I wait. I will say if yours isn't getting better, maybe it's not exactly the hamstring but something else back there. There are just so many possibilities, it's frustrating!

    1. I am not happy that we are hammy twins! This stinks.

      Interesting about doing speedwork on the treadmill vs the road - I think you are right, as I used to back off earlier and earlier when I'd do street speedwork.

  3. Baby teeth! So cute!!! Did you put a tag on this post "running babies" or something like that? You'd probably get a million hits! Anyway, that's very sad about your glutes/hamstring. And impressive how you are upping your exercises at Planet Fitness. Hopefully something will help resolve your Olympics Butt problem (love that term :) )

    1. OK, just out of curiosity I put the "running babies" tag on - checked stats and I'd had 28 views when I did this. I'll report back later if your theory is correct. ;)

      I feel like there should be a support group for sufferers of Olympics Butt. "I first got mine when I watched Chloe Kim shred the halfpipe for GOLD" - LOL and ouch.

  4. How fun that the babies were out for the run!

    You are really rockin it at PF. I have decided that I need to do a lot of core work before summer, even if that means I run less and do more workouts.

  5. I wonder if your glute thing might be sciatica? It kind of sounds like it. There are lots of specific stretches and exercises for that, so it might be worth checking some out.

  6. Hopefully you can get the glutes worked loose and back to normal soon! Keep exercising and stretching!

    Yay to the full group of renegades!!!

  7. Aww, yay for the whole group being out!!! Awesome!

    And yay for doing speedwork. Smart move to find the treadmill under the AC! I am sorry your hammie/glute is bugging you still! Are you foam rolling it or using the stick? Or thinking about getting a massage? Ha, I have a trouble area in my right glute from sitting on bad surfaces (my car seat, train seats) and it feels so good after a massage... then is right back to hurting after the ride home. Ha. Temporary relief. I do hope your pain subsides/goes away soon!


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