Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2018 Grub Burger 5K Recap!

The race shirt - the design runs down the left side and is super cute!  It's a soft cotton t-shirt, which I love getting and will wear often.

On Saturday, my fellow Renegades and I ran the first ever Grub Burger 5K!  This is a local race, put on by the same group that run many of the local races here; we ran it because half of the proceeds went to a local non-profit that we all support - plus the after-party food was coming from Grub, which is a great restaurant that we all enjoy, so win-win, right?
Renegade Run Club, represent!  Almost everyone ran - Andi is nursing a foot injury, and Mason woke up with an ear infection, so Loretta took him to the doctor while CC ran the race.
Jimmymeow was joking around as he took our group pictures, focusing on Logan - but because I'm so short, I still ended up in the picture, hah!

This race was Logan's first 5K as a runner - he's now six months old, which means that he got to run in the jogging stroller!  It was a cool morning, and because he wouldn't be warming up like the rest of us as we ran, Cary bundled him up.  She put on the mittens that I knitted for him, and it was the funniest thing - he didn't know what to do with his hands so he held them up for quite a while:
Family picture - they are all so cute!  Cary said Logan did great and even fell asleep during the race.

The race started in the parking lot in front of the restaurant.  It was a nice morning, 54 degrees, clear, sunny, with a light breeze.  The race began promptly at 8:00 am, which always feels odd, as we are used to being finished running by then.  I'd had a good strong week of running heading into this, and the plans were to start off with intervals to shake out the race legs/get into the groove, and then alternate running with intervals as needed.

Well plans are just that, plans.  The route ended up being hillier than I expected, and it was harder than I thought it would be.  I was bummed because I really thought I would have a good race, but it was just OK for me.  Honestly, I CAN run, but you'd never know it if you saw me at a race - any race.  I just suck at running races, plain and simple.
Diane and I, post-race.  

We finished and headed into the restaurant for our treats:
Grub is famous for their milkshakes, so naturally that was one of the treats, yum.
This was a Cap'n Crunch cereal shake - man, I LOVED Cap'n Crunch when I was a kid, even though it tore up the roof of my mouth something fierce.

There were Hawaiian-style pulled-pork kolaches, but I wasn't into them, and also beer:
Jeff drank a full beer at 9:00 am, only to tell me that he prefers Shiner Bock.  Well OK then.

This race was the last one that our friend Dan, former running store owner turned race director, would be in charge of; he and his wife moved out of state and he's been coming back for each race for over a year now, but this was it, so Julia and I had to get in one last post-race sweaty hug picture with him:
Goodbye Dan - we will miss you!

Cary, Brian, and Logan headed out to Blue Baker while we were enjoying our mini milkshakes; Jeff heard that he got first place in his age group, so we waited around for a while to see if they were doing awards, but that didn't seem to be happening.  We were walking to our cars when we heard the announcement that awards were starting, so we all went back, which was a good thing, as it was practically like an Oprah event - YOU get an age group award, and YOU get an age group award, and YOU...well, you get the picture.  In case you didn't, here's one:
Jeff, Karen, Diane, and accepting the award for Brian, Jimmymeow! 

Finally, the winners had their certificates and we could head out to BB for a late breakfast.  Because we had mini milkshakes, I didn't order a pastry to split with Jeff, but Jimmymeow was nice enough to share a bite of his with several of us:
Warm and gooey and absolutely perfect!

While I didn't win an age group award, I did get lots of cuddle time with Logan, which even included a little nap as well:
This made up for my crummy race, big time.


  1. I don't think you "suck at running races." I think you are awesome at getting out there consistently and challenging yourself. You inspire me.

  2. Isn't it funny how we as kids tortured ourselves eating Cap'n Crunch? And it if got too soggy in the milk, forget it.

    Congrats on the race. You guys always have so much fun!

    1. YES - there was definitely a short sweet spot when it came to eating Cap'n Crunch...and it was time to abandon the Cap'n as soon as the milk sogginess hit!

  3. Early on on my running career I had to lower my expectations when it came to races. When even those lowered expectations began to really bother me, I quit racing and just kept running. So I totally get feeling frustrated! When you get to the point that the frustration outweighs the fun of racing and being with your friends, then you’ll decide what to do. Until then run on and try to enjoy it!

  4. Even if it wasn't a good race, you still had a great day with your friends. That's the real win! And Logan holding his mittened hands up in the air is totally the cutest thing!

    1. Very true, a day with the Renegades is always a good one. :)

  5. Friends. Food. Duh. Milkshakes. Not a crummy race.

    And there’s always another.

    1. I think you've just created our next running shirt, LOL!

  6. Sorry the race was harder than you were expecting! BUT at least you had an only OK race because of a tough, hilly course - that just means you need to find a flat race to sign up for ;)

    A race with milkshakes and beer at the end is good in my book, and it looks like a fun day except for the whole running part :)

    1. Haha yes - except for the whole running part. SIGH.

  7. Aww, Logan is too cute in his mittens! I hope Mason is all better now.

    I am sorry you feel like you suck at races! :( And it didn't go how you expected. I hope the next one does. P.S. We don't think you suck.

    The guy who does all the races in my hometown moved way out of state and is coming back to state to run the one I sometimes do (it's my goal 5K this April). I am curious to see how it changes without him there!

    Congrats to everyone for their placements!

    1. Well thank you. But you probably would if you saw me race...


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