Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 Knitting Projects!

In keeping with my tradition, I present to you my second annual roundup of knitting projects.  Randomly, I ended up knitting 16 items in 2016, but did I think about making sure I knitted 17 projects in 2017?  I did not.  However, in counting everything up, I actually finished the year with 21 items!  Wow.  This time, instead of socks being my number one knitted item, it was all about the baby gifts, with a grand total of 9 items for three different babies.  I also finished my sweater, which was a huge project for me...and who knows, maybe in 2018 I'll knit one that actually fits, ha!

Here's what I made, starting with socks:
THREE PAIRS OF SOCKS???  I really thought I knitted more.  Well, I do have half a pair finished, but it looks like I slacked off on my beloved sock knitting in favor of something projects.   Although I knitted fewer socks in 2017, my love for them has not diminished, nor has my supply of pretty sock yarn, and except for when I'm starting out with the toe, and then when I'm making the heel, the rest of the time socks are a mindless knit for me, so I always have a pair on the needles.

Next up, adult headwear:
I made five hats and two earwarmer headbands!  And I actually kept one hat, woohoo!  The hat in the top left picture is mine, all mine.  The pattern is Runner's Watchcap, yarn is Malabrigo sock, colorway is Arco Iris.  I put a ponytail hole in it and it's kept my head and ears nice and warm while I run without feeling too hot, thanks to the lightweight wool yarn.

I went outside of my comfort zone and learned how to do stranded knitting with the Branta hat, and that turned out to be my favorite of all that I made, although honestly I look at each one and love them all.  I'm including the cabled ear warmers in this category; again, I went beyond my ability with them and expanded my knitting skill set a bit more, so go me!

I'm adding a new category to my finished projects this year - other.  Yes yes, very creative, but what should I say?  Shoulders?  Neck?  Nah...other:
A lace shawl and an adult-sized sweater!  Both of these were challenging for me, and while the sweater still needs some revisiting in order for me to get to wear it, I finished it in good faith that it would fit, so I'm calling it done for this post.

Finally, the cutest category - baby items:
Gah, the cuteness still gets me...and seeing the babies wearing what I've knitted?  It's almost too much to handle!

I stocked up on some beautiful sock yarn while I was in North Carolina, so I'm good for some more projects in 2018:
This all comes from Ireland - it's hand dyed and the colors are just amazing - it's taking everything in me to not wind it up and cast on a new sock...I'm forcing myself to finish the current pair first.


  1. Great job with all of your projects this year! I love following along to see everything you’ve created!

  2. I so enjoy all your projects! I am not crafty like that and it's really fun to see what you make by hand!

  3. Your socks are so lovely!! I could look at them all day long!!!

  4. Loved looking at all your projects! Your mom’s hat is awesome, love the colors and the Pom. It all is impressive work - thanks for sharing. What happened with Paco being your model? 😂

  5. I loved seeing this round up. Most of them I remember well, but there are a few--the blue baby hat with the lace--love! And that shawl is just glorious. But...that new yarn!!!!!!! The two that are labeled LITLG--yummmmm!!!

  6. Oh my gosh! Your new yarn is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

    And I love seeing all your projects! 21! Whoa! I am not surprised they were mostly baby items!


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