Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WWU - It Got Cold! Then It Got Warm Again

I said from the beginning, when I started this blog, that I suffer from a self-diagnosed case of C.R.S. (can't remember stuff), and I have to tell you that there are times when I'm very glad I blogged about seemingly mundane things, because it's really helpful to be able to search for something that I know I did in the past.  Which is what I did last Friday, when I realized that the weather was going to be not just cool, but downright cold for our run on Saturday.  Yeppers, we got ourselves a real cold front!  And I couldn't remember what to wear for the cold weather...until I searched my blog and found a post with similar temps, and luckily I'd written about what I wore.  Gave myself a high five for doing that, pulled out my winter gear, and I dressed myself perfectly for the 37 degree feels like 32 degrees with north winds blowing morning.  (Future Shelley, for the record, you wore a Brooks Heater Hog long-sleeved shirt, a NorthFace windbreaker, a Hoo Rag neck gaiter, Mizuno earwarmer, and UnderArmour Windstopper gloves, along with the usual capris/running skirt.  You're welcome.)

We had 8 miles on tap for that run; Diane was off on a running adventure and Cary needed to start early in order to finish in time to feed Logan, so Jeff and I met her at 5:30 am and set off.  Jeff ran by himself as it was the first time in forever with such good running conditions and he was ready to run like the wind.  Cary and I did our intervals and despite really having to dodge a lot of sprinklers in the first couple of miles (seriously, that is the last thing you want, to get wet from sprinklers when the feels like temp is 32 degrees), we were running along nicely.  But weirdly, around the two mile mark, my ankle started hurting me when I ran.  This is the same ankle that I had so much trouble with back in 2011.  It's rarely bothered me in years; I'm hoping it's related to the cold weather, because I can't figure out why it would suddenly start hurting like that otherwise.

Anyway, we kept running, and the pain didn't go away.  We hit mile 4, and I finally mentioned it to Cary.  I wasn't sure if it would be wise to gut out another 4 miles with the pain, or if I should cut the run short.  Turns out, she was having a little issue of her own, so we decided to take the back way home and ended up with 5 miles for the day.  The pain was pretty intense for the rest of the day and lasted another couple of days before finally going away.  I'm really hoping this was a one-time issue.

After the run, we had a nice morning inside the clubhouse - as everyone finished their run, they came in and changed into warm clothes, and we all hung around, chatting and playing with Logan, drinking coffee and enjoying a warm fire, before heading out to Blue Baker, where our baker had left two loaves of ciabatta bread for us:
So nice!  Everyone enjoys this treat, although I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't had any in quite a while - my appetite after a longer run is not great.  I can run 3 miles and eat a full breakfast, but if I run 5 miles?  I can barely get through a toasted ciabatta roll.  It's weird, I know.


On Monday I walked with Cary - my ankle wasn't bothering me much to walk, and the weather was so beautiful that I really wanted to get out and enjoy it.  And yesterday, I woke up and my ankle wasn't bothering me; I really should have run, but I was sore from pressure washing our windows the day before, so I bagged on the run.  The good news is that my ankle pain seems to be from the cold weather, and also, our windows are noticeably clean!

P.S.  That cold front?  Lasted all of three days.  We're back in the mid-80s high/mid-60s low range, with lots and lots of humidity.  The calendar might say it's November, but Texas begs to differ.


  1. Interestingly enough we got the same "cold" front here in Florida. Sunday was kind of cold and windy and Monday was cold for us here and by Tuesday it was warming right back up. My perfect weather would be mid 70's and high 50's at night with sunny skies and not much wind. This front saved us from getting that tropical storm here thankfully.
    I hope that ankle pain was just some sort of weird fluky thing one and done so to speak.

  2. Aren't blogs great for that? I used to write down what I wore for my first year or so of training because I referenced it too. Yay for dressing right, boo for the bum ankle. I hope that was it too, and it won't be sore again!

    It doesn't seem that odd to me not to be hungry after a longer run - I am usually not either. Well, maybe it's an odd thing, but not unusual!

  3. Hope that ankle was just a little warning to be careful. Getting 5 miles in pain is a big win.

    That bread looks amazing!

  4. Cold here now, and a few days ago we had a nor'easter with 80 mph winds, but due to get sunny and warm again soon. Weird weather this year!

    Glad you were smart enough to cut the run short--I've been sidelined from running with a muscle pull (or something, who knows) which probably would have not been a big deal had I stopped when I first noticed it, but of course I didn't, plus I went back and tried again too soon. Wishful thinking and all. And now the damn thing just wont heal and I'm consigned to the elliptical yet again. Sigh.

    Hope you are proud of yourself to keep up the running year after year, so many let it go by the wayside. Yay you!

  5. I wish the cold would go away from here! I'm sitting on the couch trying to talk myself into heading out into the 30s for my morning run. You know I'll go but ayyy! It was so warm for so long that it's tough to adapt.

  6. Irony: when all my TX and FL friends were posting/talking about their cold fronts and excited to pull out sweats, etc., we were having warmer than usual weather. I was excited to run in a t-shirt and shorts on Tuesday morning. Of course, that's all gone now and we were in the 30's this morning.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle and I hope that was just a blip on the radar screen.

  7. The ankle thing is scary to hear about, what with all the issues I've had lately. Plus reading the x-ray report of my foot, and looking up all the scary words, most of which I deduced meant "old, arthritic." Anyway, I do hope its just an adjustment to the cold, and woo hoo! for a cold front, even if it was temporary. What a great reprieve for you.


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