Monday, November 20, 2017

Magnolia Market at the Silos, Part II

Picking up from where we left off...after the garden center, we decided to go find Clint Harp's shop - he's the woodworker that Joanna uses for many of her designs, and we knew he had a shop nearby.  It ended up being just a short drive from the silos, and the house that Joanna and Chip remodeled for his family is right next door.  Turns out, Clint and his family no longer live in that house, and I can understand why - it's a tourist attraction, and there was a small tour bus parked in front of the shop when we pulled up.  They do rent out the house, so hey, if you're ever in Waco...
The woodshop is behind the storefront; we could hear the saw going, and were told that it's pretty common to see Clint around the area.
The shop isn't large, but it's roomy enough to walk around and look at everything.  Along with lots of decor, you can also purchase furniture made by Clint, including the dining table in the center of the store.
Say it with me:  SHIPLAP!  Had to take a picture of Barbara with the shiplap wall (and the Duchess parked outside, I just realized).

I didn't buy a wooden candle holder made by Clint, which I'm regretting.  Honestly, it got to the point where we had seen so much that we were a little overwhelmed; I was trying to picture where I'd put anything that I was considering buying, and I couldn't think where I'd put that candle holder until we got home.  Oh...THERE.  Dang it.  We bought a few ornament-type items and headed back to the was getting later in the afternoon, and we wanted to go back to the bakery to buy a cupcake to bring home.  Luck was on our side when I got a parking space right outside of the bakery:
The Duchess and the Silos!

I also wanted to get a shirt that I'd looked at during our morning visit:
My shirt!  Also, by that time we were texting with Theresa to see if she wanted a shirt, so I held mine up for her to see.  I do love this shirt and get comments on it every time I've worn it; must come with the friendly Magnolia territory!
I couldn't resist taking a picture of the restroom; after all, I watched them build it on the TV show!  Confessed to Barbara afterward that I'd taken the picture, who laughed and said she almost did the same thing.  And that's just another reason why we are friends...
The cupcake we bought was so freaking good - it was the Cup O Jo flavor, which was a chocolate cupcake with espresso buttercream icing...holy moly.  If you like chocolate, and you like coffee, this is THE cupcake to get!  We also got a blueberry crumble cupcake to bring home for breakfast.  Needless to say, our breakfast the next day was quite large, considering all the leftover treats from that morning.

We ended up going back through the marketplace to get the shirt Theresa wanted, and then we loaded up the trunk with the rest of our booty:
Yep, we did that.  No regrets!  Well, except for the stuff we didn't buy...

We still had a 90 minute drive home, and unless you want to stop at a Dairy Queen, there's pretty much nothing along the way between Waco and College Station.  We were hungry for dinner, some air conditioning, and just a place to sit down and rest our tired feet.  A Mexican restaurant right down the street from the bakery looked enticing, so we walked over there.  First thing we saw was their Dia de los Muertos display:
Barbara and I learned about Dia de los Muertos back when we were in high school; we were in the Spanish club and also went to Mexico in 1979 with a group from school, so this was really neat to see.
Here's where we went - Hecho en Waco.  
Che tacos - double layer of corn tortillas with cheese in between, pork and avocado inside - these were amazing.  We  agreed, this was the best Mexican food item we'd had in a long time.
Chicken enchiladas with green chile sauce came in a close second to the Che tacos.  We shared our entrees so we got to try both items.  I also loved the plates; when I told the waitress that, she said they were new and heavy - yikes, I can imagine how challenging that must be to have to carry several loaded plates at once!  

Dinner (and lots of iced tea) revived me enough to make the drive home - and that's when I realized that I didn't make arrangements for Paco to be let outside during the day.  Oops, sorry Paco!  We made it home in 90 minutes flat, he was very happy to see us and be let outside, and all was good.  It was a super fun adventure and one that I'm glad to have shared with my best friend!
The loot.  Not a bad haul!


  1. What a fun day indeed! I spy several items at that wood shop I might have invested in. Your Mexican food looks soooooo good and fresh and not over-cheesed which, as much as I love cheese, is usually my critique.

    1. We stopped at a Mexican restaurant outside of Houston last week and I swear, everything was covered in nacho cheese and had a "cheese puff" alongside the platters. It was too much.

  2. Such a fun day! Love your shirt and that cupcake sounds divine! I too would have taken a picture of the bathroom! HAH!

    1. Oh man, just thinking about that cupcake has me wanting another one!

  3. What a day! So I'm starting to understand--the Silos is so big that you can drive from place to place! And the Mexican restaurant was in the Silos too?! Also, hate to bother you, but I want to know what that sign in your loot says: I can read Wisdom and Wonder, but what's the word in between?

    1. Well, the Silos is one spot, and Harp's store is another, a few miles away. But everything at the Silos (market, garden center, bakery) is all in the same area, no extra driving necessary. If you look at the picture of where my car is parked, the Mexican restaurant is just down the street behind it, easily walk-able.

      The sign says "Wisdom Begins In Wonder" - Barbara bought that one, isn't it sweet?

    2. Oh okay, I think I get it. The Silos is actually near the town. I thought it was way out in the country.

      Yes, I really like that saying on the sign.

    3. The Silos are right near Baylor, if that helps you to place the location (it wouldn't have meant anything to me before that visit) - you can see the Alico building clearly, and there's a lot of shops and businesses nearby.

  4. I am not surprised you got overwhelmed! I would be too! I try to make sure I have a spot for all that stuff when I buy it as well.

    Taco shells with cheese between?! BRILLIANT.

    1. Just when I think I've tasted all there is to taste with Mexican food, they come up with something extra! It was SO GOOD.

  5. It's so cool to see things in real life that you've seen on TV!

  6. I can see why you were overwhelmed = that place is huge! Or places, I should say. Fun trip and one I would enjoy. Not to mention a COFFEE CUPCAKE!!!


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