Wednesday, October 4, 2017

WWU - Training Begins Again!

Saturday marked the official start of our training season, which was exciting - don't ask me why, because we've been running all along - but having a schedule to follow, along with an impending goal race, somehow makes it different.  And of course, because I've been running all along, and getting in some extra exercise with walking and whatnot, I figured that my 5 mile run would be amazing.

It was not.

Sigh.  Just goes to show you how unpredictable a run can be.  All I know is that my legs felt stupid right around mile 2.5, which in turn made my brain feel stupid and tell me that I can't run and shouldn't do another half marathon and I just need to stop this nonsense.  I hate it when I go down that mental road.  But, I recovered and felt better and I'm just hoping that it was simply a sucky run in hot and humid weather, and soon I'll be running like a gazelle in crisp cool weather and everything will be awesome.  ONE CAN HOPE, CAN'T ONE?!

Anyway, this was our Run For Icee route, where we ended at the nearby gas station and everyone got an Icee or cold beverage of their choice, which made the end of a crummy run much better.  We took a group picture before making the half mile cool down walk back to the clubhouse:
Stroller selfie!  Baby Logan is already helping out the Renegades with taking our picture.

And once CC and Loretta finished their runs, we took a group picture with the Renegade babies:
Back:  Jeff holding Mason, Diane, Karen, Andi, Cary holding Logan, Brian, me, Loretta
Front:  CC and Julia

I do believe this is the worst picture of Jeff I've ever seen - I showed it to him later and asked why he was standing like a pregnant woman, and he said that's how he stands to hold a baby.  I think he needs more practice, because it isn't that hard, LOL.


File this under:  If you really want to, you'll make it happen.  I wanted to tell you about how the new moms in our group are managing to get their running done.  CC is training for her first marathon and had 13 miles on tap for Saturday.  She started early, running with baby Mason in the stroller while Loretta kept her company, riding her bike up and down the sidewalk for five miles.  They made a pit stop at the Clubhouse, where Loretta parked her bike, and CC handed the stroller over to Loretta, who then ran her five miles, while CC continued on to complete a half marathon - yes, she ran that extra .1 to hit the distance...of course!  We all would have done that. 

Meanwhile, Cary left Logan at home with Brian and set out for her first post-baby run, getting two miles in before the rest of our group showed up.  Then Brian left for his run, while Cary put baby Logan in the stroller and walked with Jimmymeow for 2.5+ miles.  While I know that none of this is easy, and it definitely takes some extra planning and coordination, the new parents in our group are great examples of how to get their running in, and I'm impressed.  I wasn't a runner back when I had my babies, but I doubt that I would have been as dedicated as our Renegade parents are when it comes to exercising, and I give them kudos for the extra effort they are making.


On Monday morning I had a nice long walk with Cary, and then had a decent run on Tuesday morning with Jeff and Diane, which was good - I wondered if walking so far might affect my running, but it didn't seem to, so that was nice.  It was still hot and humid, so I can't even say the weather was a factor in that - maybe I'm building a little extra endurance?  That would be nice; I need all the endurance I can get!


  1. Haha, I had to go back and look at jeff in that picture again once you mentioned it. Funny!

    Yea, I too am super impressed with the parents that run with strolers and juggling things to make there runs happen. Makes me realize I have very little excuses not to get my runs in!

  2. Oh for goodness sake, I h-a-t-e bad running brain. Don't believe the hype and just keep running!

    That picture of Jeff made me laugh out loud. Does he think he needs to make a belly shelf for the baby? Hahahahaha!

  3. I used to run with a jogging stroller and the day I was done with that was a happy day! It's a lot of work. And don't even mention the double jogging stroller....

  4. I'm so impressed with all the extra exercise you are doing! Don't worry a bit about that one bad day.

  5. Juggling exercise and babies is work. I'm impressed. When mine were little I just stuck to the treadmill.

  6. YAY for a new training cycle. And most definitely, one can hope for that low-humidity, gazelle-inducing run!

  7. Congrats to the Renegades for being so dedicated!

  8. You will feel like a gazelle when you get that cool day! It's still the stupid weather making that run feel like crapola!

    That is awesome the new parents are dedicated to making it work! I can't imagine thinking about exercising while taking care of a new born! :)


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