Friday, October 20, 2017

FMM - Treats For Everyone!

Last Saturday turned into cookie day for both humans and dogs:
How cute is this??  Blue Baker made these scrubs sugar cookies as a benefit for the cancer center of the hospital where I volunteer.  I couldn't resist buying one.
That same day, we were at our new pet store and saw this iced donut cookie and brought it home to Paco.  He LOVED it; licked off all of the icing before finally eating the cookie.  It was a good treat day for all of us!


I have to admit, I like living in a world where, when the weather turns cold for the first morning in forever and my tire pressure drops, I can simply go to the Discount Tire drive through, and they fill your tires while you sit in your car:
...and that's also why we patronize Discount Tires when we need to buy new tires - excellent customer service!


Have you ever needed to have something done, but put it off because you know it will hurt, even though it will make things better?  Yeah, me neither.  Oh wait...I meant me too.  I have a horrible arthritic bone spur on the top of my left foot that a nerve runs across, and it hurts.  And I try to not wear shoes that put pressure on that area, but hello running shoes.  So I lace them differently, but it still gets to bothering me, and the more I'm in shoes, the worse it gets.  I finally broke down and called for what's becoming an annual appointment to get a lidocaine injection into that bone, but my doctor is super busy, so my appointment isn't for nearly a month.  Sigh.  I knew I should have called earlier, but it takes a lot of pain before I'm ready to concede to that injection.  Sometimes I frustrate myself.


We have 7 miles on tap for tomorrow, along with thunderstorms.  Wonder which will win out - running, or the storm?  Even though we're running in one of our familiar areas, I changed up the route, so I'm really hoping we can get our run in, but thunder and lightening will deny us that chance.  Fingers crossed the storm holds off until about 9:00 am - that would be perfect.  Yes I'm the weirdo hoping to get to run 7 miles - I get it if you think that's strange - I used to think that, too.

Have a great weekend!


  1. So, if the thunder storms win out, do you go ahead and run on Sunday? I always used to hate that decision making when I trained for distance. Gotta get those long runs in but sometimes it's not the easiest!

    Oh man, I wish we had a drive through tire place. I whine to Mr. Helen to get my done hahaha.

    And now I want a cookie.

  2. So the tire pressure always drops when it first gets cold? I did not know that!! I've been having some tire pressure issues lately. I also have a great local tire store, but they're not a drive through.

    Hmmm. You get lidocaine for a bone spur? Important information for me to remember. And Yes, its strange that you are hoping to get your 7 mile run in, but I get it too! Blue Baker will taste so much better after 7 miles :)

  3. Those cookies are precious! Paco looks like he really enjoyed that cookie! :) Have a great weekend!

  4. I was supposed to go to a continuing ed conference tomorrow but it's my son's last home rugby game--ever. It's also supposed to be gorgeous. Guess who's not going to her conference?

  5. I'm sorry about your foot. It is frustrating when you are ready to have something done, but the doctor schedule doesn't mesh. Have you put yourself on a cancellation list so you'll get called to get in sooner?

    I like how your cookie and Paco's cookie match :D

  6. Paco is too cute with that donut cookie!

    Oh man. I hope somehow there is an opening at the doc sooner so you can get your injection and be pain free again!


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