Friday, August 11, 2017

FMM - Tea Winners and More!

First things first - the Teasia Tea winners are:

Formosa variety pack:  Helen
Floral variety pack:  Elizabeth in WV
Chameleon tumbler & variety pack:  Diane

YAY!  Thanks for participating - please email me ( with your mailing address so that I may pass your info on to my contact at Teasia.  If I don't hear from you by Monday, I'll have to draw another winner.


As of a few days ago, I officially stopped grumbling at my bougainvillea because it finally started blooming again!  Sheesh!  I moved it several times to sunny spots, fertilized it twice, and kept it watered.  I was expecting pretty pink blooms all summer, but at this point I'll take what I can get:
Hello my pretty!
Tried to get a picture of the blooms with Paco in the background, but Paco overruled that shot - HE'S the focus of the picture, forever and always.  I should know better by now.

While the bougainvillea took its sweet time in blooming, my lantana is looking just gorgeous:
This is my kind of plant - all I do is water it, and it grows and blooms like crazy!

One more plant to brag on:
This is $3 worth of Blue Daze that is blooming and spreading out nicely - another favorite!


Now that I'm finished with my baby knits, I picked up some projects that I'd stopped midway through.  Here's a pair of socks, all finished and ready for cooler weather:
Yarn is from In the Deep Hue Sea, colorway is When Worlds Collide.  Toe yarn is from another skein, Play at Life Fiber Arts Maki.  

This yarn was so interesting to knit - I didn't know what to expect, as this was what it looked like before I wound it to knit:
Turns out, the black was hard to knit, but it really made the rest of the colors pop, so it was worth the effort.
A lovely toe...
And a beautiful Fish Lips Kiss heel, if I do say so myself!

I've started knitting a shawlette with some cool yarn that I bought years ago; right now it looks like a hot mess as there are some simple lace panels inset that don't look good until you finish and block the item, but it's keeping me interested.  I'm working on a full knitting report for the baby items I knitted for Cary's baby so that should be up next week.


For tomorrow we have a little running, a little breakfasting, and a little shopping on the agenda...all while trying not to bake in this heat.  Is it winter yet?  Hah!

Have a great weekend!


  1. My tomatoes, which started out with so much promise, have succumbed to some fungus. I am so sad!

    1. Aw, that is sad - there's nothing better than homegrown summer tomatoes!

  2. That pre-knitted yarn looks like it would make a nice infinity scarf!

    Do your plants grow all year long down there?

    1. The unknitted, unwound skein could be the lazy person's infinity scarf, definitely!

      Our plants go dormant in the winter - we usually get at least one freeze and it's hit or miss as to whether we manage to get the plants protected before the freeze hits. #badplantparents

  3. A report with two of my favorite things! I was going to send you a picture of my bougainvillea last week, because all the blooms were gone! I hope its working on some new ones. Don't you just love the lantana? It must love your heat and humidity, because yours is bigger with more blooms than mine! And the little blue flower is so cute. I haven't seen that one around here.

    The socks are very cool. Its so interesting how they dye the yarn so it will self-stripe. I am trying to wait patiently for the baby knits report!

    1. OMG, NOW your bougainvillea isn't blooming? I swear, these dumb plants. I do love the lantana - it's really spectacular.

  4. So excited I won tea!!! Have a great weekend....stay cool!

  5. Finally catching up on blogs now that my company has left - so fun to be a WINNER!!! Now, if summer will just come back to CT I'll be all set for some iced tea :|

    OK, I just have to say that your bougainvillea is cracking me up. It's in total defiance of your wishes. Don't feel bad - pretty much every single thing I try to grow acts that way.

    Hope you've had a good weekend!

    1. Winner, winner - iced tea with your dinner! :)

      You are so right, that bougainvillea has been extremely defiant. It's blooming like crazy now, the jerk.

  6. That lantana is gorgeous! I have never had any luck with there here, go figure. Plants never listen anyway. They just do their thang.


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