Friday, August 4, 2017

FMM - Tea and Stitches

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With all of our enthusiasm for tossing the Frisbee around lately, we were super excited when an ultimate Frisbee disc (really, no matter how often Diane corrects me, it will always and forever be known as Frisbee to me) tournament came to town last weekend.  And with Diane's son, Mick, playing on one of the teams, we had to go watch a game.  Since it was 105 degrees on Saturday afternoon, we held off until the 8:00 am game on Sunday morning, where it was only 80 degrees - hah, self-preservation at its finest.  Diane went to the Saturday afternoon games and texted me what the coach told the players between games:  "eat, drink, and sunscreen...and if you haven't peed, you're gonna die" - and that's pretty much the truth when it comes to doing any kind of outdoor activity in Texas!
Team huddle pre-game - they were already super sweaty from warming up.
Me and Mick before the game.  He's just a smidge taller than me.
Waiting for the pull, which is kind of like the kickoff in football.
This is just after their team did the pull - the player on the left threw the disc, which went the length of a football field.
Action shot of Mick making a catch mid-air!  It was pretty entertaining to watch him guard shorter players - they all jump, but he has a nice advantage.

Close to the end of the game, we were watching a play when we heard a loud THWACK - at first, we saw a player standing up downfield, holding the disc - he'd made the catch.  But then we realized that two players were laying on the field, and that thwacking noise had been the sound of their heads colliding!  From the sidelines we could see them bleeding; it was pretty scary to see them lying there until both moved their arms and legs.  Eventually they both walked off of the field; I'm not sure what happened to the player from the other team, but the guy from Mick's team was driven to the local ER, where he received 23 stitches!  I had already decided that this game was too intense for me to play, but yikes, seeing that injury sealed the deal.  I'll stick to spectating, and gently tossing the Frisbee with my fellow Renegades.
 After the game - Mick made a couple of sliding catches so his shirt was a little dirty. 

We really enjoyed watching the game, and are already planning a road trip to Austin next spring to watch Mick play on his professional team...another Renegade adventure is in the works!


We aren't running until Sunday because tomorrow is Cary's baby shower!  Not only is the time for us to meet Baby Pumpkin Muffin getting closer, but this also means that next week I'll be able to show you some finished knitting projects, yay!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I never knew there were professional frisbee leagues! I know that there are some dog competitions around the frisbee, which is very fun to see. Glad you decided NOT to take part in the serious game--yikes on that head butt accident!! And so happy for the baby shower to be here. Waiting to see the festivities and little knitted items :)

    1. Oh, dog Frisbee competitions are fun to watch! Probably a tie for me between dog and human when it comes to Frisbee, LOL.

  2. Ha, I didn't even know this was a "thing"! Very cool that you go out to support him!
    Do you guys have disc golf out there? My friend's husband plays it here but that's the first time I've heard of it.

    1. There is a disc golf course in another nearby park; I see people playing quite often. I haven't seen anyone play ultimate here, though - well, except for at this tournament.

  3. I've seen those frisbee events on t.v. - very cool! And I will always call it a frisbee :D

    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh goodness I'm so sorry to hear about the collision and stitches! I've never watched a (frisbee?) disc game - sounds like fun though!

  5. Damn - 23 stitches! It's hard to believe knocking heads could lead to that many stitches.

    I would enter the tea giveaway, but I don't have a pod machine.

  6. Wow! I didn't realize this game is so intense! Maybe they need helmets! Hope both people end up okay!

    LOL @ if you haven't peed you're gonna die!!!


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