Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WWU - 5.4 for 54 Years!

5.4 super sweaty miles - DONE!

On Saturday, I continued the crazy tradition that I randomly began when I turned 49 - seriously, I think I was only going to run 4.5 miles that day but as we got close to finishing, I decided to tack on the extra .4 miles and boom, tradition started.  What's not so great is the weather in Texas in June - it's almost a guarantee that it will be miserably hot and humid.  What IS so great is that my running peeps are game about doing the birthday run with me, and most of them also ran 5.4 miles!

I started out with Diane, Cary, and CC - we took it nice and easy considering that it was 73 degrees with 100% humidity at 6:00 am.  Because we needed to tack on some extra distance, we ran a little jig-jag (officially named the OG Jig-Jag in our group, because we have more than one jig-jag option on our routes) before heading out on the nice wide sidewalk, for a straight out-and-back run.  I hadn't gone this direction in quite a while as Diane was doing a loop route for her training, so it was interesting to see something new.  We chatted as we ran, and soon we were at the turn-around point for Cary and CC, so they headed back as Diane and I kept on.  There wasn't any air movement going out, but once we made our turn-around, we got a bit of a breeze, which helped a tiny bit.  Plus, fog started forming, which made sense considering the humidity level, so while it was still super hot, we felt a little bit better.  I sure was happy to see my Garmin hit 5.4 miles though - I stopped it and walked the rest of the way back to the clubhouse (less than a quarter mile), where Cary had ice-cold washcloths waiting for us, ahhh!

After we cooled down on the driveway, we changed and went to Blue Baker, where I finally remembered to take a picture of Patrick, who is our counter person extraordinaire - he not only knows our names (it is seriously like Cheers when we walk up to the counter), but he remembers our orders, too:
Everyone say hi to Patrick!  I do believe he's working on Jimmymeow's breakfast sandwich here...

I got my free birthday cupcake to go:
 Lemon Blueberry - a new flavor that looked intriguing, so I tried it.
There was a hidden surprise of blueberry swirl in a buttermilk cake - it was so good!  I split it with Jeff.


Just for fun, I thought I'd gather all of my birthday run pictures here:
 4.9 for 49
 5K for 50 - weirdly, I didn't run 5 miles when I turned 50.
 5.1 for 51
 5.2 for 52
 5.3 for 53
5.4 for 54

Observations?  Well for one, I prefer pink shirts - and apparently the same one for two years in a row, LOL!  Also, I can see the difference in my eyelids (pre-surgery and post-surgery) in the years before 53.  Mostly, I see an average person who happens to run a little, year in and year out...and I'm pretty pleased to be that person.


Today is Global Running Day ::old lady voice::  Why, I remember when it used to be called National Running Day!  Way back in 2010 Jenny and I ran a mile to commemorate the day, and I'll be out running this morning - being part of a huge celebration of running just feels natural at this point.


  1. Not 54 miles? LOL

    What a great thing to do on your birthday! I love that combo of blueberries and lemon.

  2. I also remember when it was called national running day! What a cool way to document your birthday runs!
    Okay, I have to ask, is your friend's name really jimmymeow? (i've been wanting to ask for a while but didn't want to be disrespectful,but I have to

    1. I am cracking up - no, his name is just Jimmy, but we are in the south, so really he could be Jim Bob just as easily. Jimmymeow came from when we were all in a van, traveling to a race, and he was signing up for some app and the suggested name (since just plain "Jimmy" was taken) was "Jimmymeow" which was so random and funny that we've not let it go.

  3. Great job on the birthday run!!!!! So is the shirt a new tradition for your birthday runs??? :-). I would do something crazy like that...keep the shirt to only use during my birthday run....course being me I would forget where I put it and not find it until 6 birthdays later!!!

  4. That cupcake looks amazing. Especially the icing to cake ratio :)

    Love seeing the pictures of you through the years. I noticed the same things.

    And also. I'm so glad someone asked about Jimmymeow's name!

  5. Happy birthday! And what a great birthday tradition.

  6. Aww! I love this tradition and seeing the pics! And love that your friends joined you and made a day of it. Hi Patrick!

    I remember when it was called National Running Day too! It's always on a Wednesday, which is always my in office day, and usually my rest day! But I actually ran on it today (just such a pita to bring all my running gear downtown)!

  7. You really can see the difference in your eyes! I laughed at the same shirt the last 2 years. Congrats on another successful birthday run. And heck yeah to a cupcake!!


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