Monday, June 26, 2017

Universal Studios 2017 - The Simpsons!

I love The Simpsons area of Universal Studios so much - it's like the television show came to life there, and I'm one of the neighbors who gets to peek in on how my favorite cartoon family lives.  Here's some pictures from our visit in May:
It took all of my restraint to not run over the bridge toward Krustyland like a little kid.  I mean, come on - it's Krustyland!!!

The path to the main ride is quite interesting - here's the view from the top, behind Krusty the Clown's head:
You can even get a peek at the dragon guarding Gringott's Bank in Diagon Alley, way off in the distance!
Jeff, Allie, and Sam, looking out over Krusty's head.

Krustyland, being a carnival, has lots of games you can play - they cost extra, but Jeff and Sam couldn't resist trying out the Sledge Homer:
The prize was a giant stuffed can of Duff beer - regardless of who won it, it would have gone home with Sam since he drove.  I don't know why we bothered figuring that out, because no one won ::cue sad music::
Jeff giving it his best shot...
And Sam - they both did pretty good, but not enough to win the giant can of beer, darn it!  It would have been an excellent addition to the decor at Sam's house.
Why yes, they DID wear their Duff shirts and take a picture with Duffman - when in, Springfield, that's what you do!

Meanwhile, Allie and I found Chief Wiggum and got a picture with him:
Stealing a bite from the police chief's donut didn't land me in jail.

You can buy a real pink frosted donut there, which we did.  It was delicious:
Don't worry, we didn't make Sam eat the entire thing - we shared it.

We got lunch from Bumblebee Man's Taco Truck:
I walked away to "take a picture" but if you look closely, you can see that Allie and Sam have their cards out to pay - bwahahaha, my evil plan worked!
This was some of the best food in the park - Korean beef tacos.  They were fantastic!

After all of the Harry Potter rides, The Simpsons ride is my next favorite.  We went on it several times - if you are prone to motion-sickness, I'd highly recommend using something to ward off nausea because otherwise, that ride will get you.  But is so fun, and where else can you randomly hear as you're flying around on a virtual roller coaster, Ralph Wiggum float by saying "I'm a baby bird!" - all of these homages to the characters of Springfield are what make this section of the park so great!


  1. Wow, I think I've forgotten more about the Simpsons than I ever knew - that's a show that we stopped watching for some reason. Looks like you guys had a blast and hell yes to Korean beef tacos - especially when the kids pay hahahahaha!

    1. We go through jags of watching The Simpsons, but I can still recite lines from old episodes verbatim...such clever writing back then!

  2. My youngest son loves the Simpsons--he'd be all over this!!!

  3. I wish we would have spent some time in this area during our visit! I can't believe how big that donut was!

    1. The donuts come in a huge box - we saw people carrying stacks of them out of the park!

  4. How fun was that!!!!!!!!!

    That was some donut!!

  5. If I ever go there, I'll have to watch the Simpsons so I will get all the inside jokes! You guys have so much fun as a family, its just fun to see what all you do!

  6. That was fun! It's been a long time since I've watched the Simpsons, but used to watch all the time.

  7. Universal looks like such a fun place! I must visit one day! :)

  8. I can't wait to go this winter. Lisa Simpson is my fave, I'll have to hunt "her" down for a picture. Wonder if she'd give me saxophone lessons?

    So glad you had a wonderful time! As I threatened before, when our Florida stint gets closer I may be hitting you up for themepark tips, because I bet you've got it all figured out. :)

    --Crabby McS.

    1. You will have to get a picture with Lisa for sure!

  9. That is SO fun! I haven't seen the Simpsons in YEARS! It would be fun to brush up on the show and go! That donut. Drooool.


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