Friday, May 12, 2017

Pet Palooza, Volume II

If I don't post a picture of Paco every couple of weeks or so, I get comments and emails asking if he's OK.  Like I said on Monday's post, we all know who the star of this blog is. 

Here's Paco the Wonder Dog, in all his glory:
So bery sleepy, Mom.  Let sleepin' dog lie, K?
Another couch picture - both cats were near me, and you can see that Kip was displeased when Paco decided to join the group.
Kip was so mad he wouldn't even glare at me...but this picture made me laugh because you can see Paco trying to decide if he could pounce and make Kip move so he'd be closer to me, or if he'd get in trouble for attacking the cat.
Paco is a social eater, so we have dishes of food in the family room and in my office.  I used to keep the food in the kitchen, but seeing as I don't spend a lot of time in that room, he was practically starving.
Sigh...Paco growls when he eats, and it's especially loud if a cat walks by.  I keep telling him that no one wants his food, but he goes a little crazy - Kip wandered over and Paco actually snapped at him, which meant that he was removed from his food.
I put Paco in his crate for a time out, and walked back to see Kip eating Paco's food!  Son of a bitch, the dog was right...they DO want his food!  Sorry for doubting you, Paco.

I call this next set our vet pics.  Because of his allergies, we seem to be at the vet every month, so I usually whip out my phone and take a picture while we're waiting for the vet to come into the exam room.  It all started with this shot, taken by a vet tech:
This picture is my favorite of Paco and me.  He was nervous and jumped on my lap, and the vet tech thought it was cute so she took the picture.  This was about four years ago.
He looks like he's smiling, but this is his nervous face.
Trying to jump on my lap - he was pretty sick and didn't quite make it, so we just hung out like this for a while.
I bery nerbous Mom.  Not lik dis place.
At this visit, he backed himself up between my legs, with his body mostly under the chair.

I will say that once the exam and shots are over with, and treats and Cheez Wiz are given, Paco turns into a much happier dog.  I just wish we didn't have to go so often, but this is why:
Poor sick puppy - bony body, raw, allergy-red skin.  This was about eight weeks ago and he's doing much better; not 100%, but we're working on it.

I thought I had more pictures of Paco, but it's hard to get them because he's my little shadow.  Even when he's outside sunning himself, the instant I try to take his picture, zzzziiiiiippppppp - suddenly he's glued to my side:
 Wut we doin, Mom?  Yu need help?  I rite heer for yu.
Being a blog dog means he knows how to pose for selfies pretty well!

Have a great weekend!


  1. All is right with my world. I can start my day now with a proper update on my favorite doggie. Thank you!!!!!!

    1. Yep, you were one of the people I had in mind when I wrote this post! :)

  2. Poor Paco and his allergies. Do you ever rub coconut oil on his skin or feed him any? I'm sure you have probably tried everything by now.

    1. Our vet has us feeding him a tablespoon of coconut oil every day, which seems to have helped.

  3. Kip's annoyed face cracked me up and Paco is hilarious! I'm thinking there might not be anyone on earth who loves you more than he does.

    1. I suspect you are correct - as I type, Paco is laying under my feet.

  4. I know that nervous dog face!

    Those darn kats! So evil--you are right, Paco!

    Great picture of you and Paco!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I think every dog owner knows that nervous dog face, LOL.

  5. Awwww! Baylee gets nervous at the vet too and shakes and shakes. She also jumps on my lap!
    She is also a social eater. She doesn't eat if we're not home.

  6. Paco!!!!!!!

    When we lived in Florida our dog at that time had allergies and was constantly ripped open and raw if we didn't stay on top of it. We ended up getting tons of aloe plants...the big wide ones and we would just plaster the dog with was better than any medicine that the doctor gave for the rawness when she would have a breakout.

    1. Interesting about the aloe - I may have to find a plant and try some on him.

  7. Yay a Paco post! Paco at the vet reminds me a lot of Heidi at the vet. She usually hides behind Terry and does the same nervous smile.

    I never heard the term "social eater" before, but that describes Heidi too. She won't eat unless we're right there. And she'll often bring her food, piece by piece, from the kitchen into the living room (all over the carpet) to eat near us. But not too close, obviously, since we may want to steal her food.

  8. Paco is so so cute, I love that dog. So sorry he has so much allergies, not fun for your puppy.

    Kip is a smart cookie LOL first make Paco growl at him and knowing Paco needs to cool off and then eat his food.


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