Friday, January 13, 2017

FMM - Catching Up!

When I was looking for the pictures for my motion sickness PSA post, I came across these shots and had to show you because this was such a crazy experience.  It was really warm and humid on only one of the days while we were in Orlando, thankfully - we get enough of that here in Texas and it was nice to have a break.  But on that warm day, we decided to go on the Jurassic Park ride.  Now, Jeff and I went on this ride three years ago, but we'd both forgotten how wet you get on it.  It's a nice little riverboat ride, where you gently float around Jurassic Park, with the occasional dinosaur spitting a little mist at you.  OR SO WE THOUGHT.  Shoot, you are barely strapped in on this ride - just a bar that you pull down over your lap.  How crazy could it be?  This crazy:
Everything about this picture cracked me up - we were not expecting a big drop and splash - one person is even holding their cup on the ride, which shows you how "mild" this ride was, that they let you hold things while riding it.  And the mom comforting the kid in front of us, with the "I'm going to die" look on the sibling next to her was too funny.  

Needless to say, we were soaked.  So we went on it again the following day - here's our "after" picture:
We could (and did) wring out our shirts, they were so wet.  

Another feature of most of the water rides on the Islands of Adventure side of the park was that you could squirt a water cannon at riders as they floated by - Sam and Allie had way too much fun doing that, and I will say it was very entertaining watching their glee as they squirted the unsuspecting riders.  I think it cost something like 50 cents per squirt; money well-spent considering the laughs we all got out of it.

The other set of pictures that I have to show you are when we were eating lunch at Mel's Diner.  We were sitting there when suddenly Beetlejuice slammed up against the window and scared Allie:
Allie jumped, and then Beetlejuice and Sam shared a moment making fun of her...
She then recovered and calmly ate her burger while Beetlejuice tried to make her laugh - I love the staredown she was giving him...
He was making the rest of us laugh, that's for sure!


I'm sorry that I'm not using collages at the moment for my posts - I still haven't found the right program to replace PicMonkey.  I miss that program, but it crashed my old computer all the time due to Flash.  Any suggestions for a Mac?  I really just need a program where I can make photo collages - being able to add text would also be nice, but I can do without if need be.  


It's been a couple weeks since I've posted pet pictures, so here's a double dose, with an extra shot thrown in for good measure:
I guess our short-lived cold front made for desperate times with Paco and Kip, because they actually slept next to each other on the couch.  This was in the beginning - eventually they ended up touching each other, which never happens, but they must have been really cold.
Whenever someone is sleeping in the guest room, Kip takes advantage of the door being open to sleep on his "princess pillow" as we call it - he LOVES this particular white sham.  He was very happy when Allie was here over Christmas, as he got plenty of time to sleep in his special spot.
And of course I had to include this shot - Paco sleeping like a tiny little puppy!  Just like babies, animals are extra cute when they're asleep.


Well, the weather forecast has been all over the place for our half marathon on Sunday - first it was looking to be cool, then heavy thunderstorms, then just plain rain (and a lot of it), but with warmer temps.  So who knows what we will get for race'll be memorable, that's for sure.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I do photo collages on my iPhone-- last time I used Collageable. I liked it because I kept the white background and it looked really nice on the blog.

  2. I do the collages as well on my phone.

    I love those ride pics. I like rides where you get wet esp if it is warm.

    Good luck this weekend. I hope the weather reports are wrong. Sending dry cool weather vibes your way.

  3. I actually like it when not too many pictures are collaged. Old eyes need big pictures lol!

    That top photo is great - they could use that for advertising.

    Hey, a little rain might be a good thing against the humidity. No matter what, you're a seasoned runner who can handle a little weather!

  4. I love the pictures of the sleeping cats and Paco! Mortal enemies unite to keep warm! And the Beetlejuice incident? I would've jumped out of my skin! That's pretty funny how long he stayed there trying to make you guys laugh!

  5. I love looking at everyone in ride pics they all have such different reactions.

    I feel ya on the photo software. I Loved my old Picture it publishing program that I had on an old laptop. I couldn't get it on my new one so had to go to picmonkey. I got photoshop for Christmas one year but it's seriously like rocket science trying to figure it out and I don't have time for that..haha

  6. That Jurassic Park picture is hilarious. I've been on that ride! It does seem like a tame first. Paco is the cutest thing ever! He reminds me of my Mojo.

  7. Jurassic Park sounds like Splash Mountain. Really nice and tranquil and then ahhhhhhh!!!

    Good luck with your run this weekend!

  8. I switched from using pic monkey to Canva... although I agree about the old eyes big pictures comment!

    Love your blog. You inspire me to run. Please keep posting!

  9. Your right...once I started looking at the other people in the picture of y'all on the boat I just giggled away!

  10. Oh how fun! I love water rides!! Love seeing Kip and Paco so relaxed and comfy! :)

  11. Awwwwwwwwww that last photo melts my heart.

    And the first photo made me laugh out loud, love it. Especially the kid you mention :)

  12. OMG, that ride pic. Hilarious! And Bettlejuice! I love how she just ate her burger and stared him down.

    That is too bad about PicMonkey crashing your Mac! I used that a lot on my PC then they changed it to subscription based and now I have issues every time I try to use it. I hope someone had a good suggestion for an alternate.

    We keep the guest bedroom shut off too and when Data gets a chance to go in there he is SO happy.


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