Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Mishmash

I thought I'd share a few of our Christmas pictures with you - we had a very low-key celebration, but it was still full of laughter, even with Sam being in North Carolina.  We FaceTimed while everyone opened their stockings, which is how I managed to get a picture of both Sam and Allie wearing their new goggles:
Allie's goggles are the exact same ones that Hagrid wears when he rides his motorcycle to pick up Harry Potter in the first movie, and Sam's goggles are very similar to the Quidditch goggles.  The whole thing is coincidental considering the goggles came from my mother, who bought them at the museum where she and my dad volunteer - funny how they turned out to fit in with our Harry Potter love!
Paco's Christmas present was a dog cookie that looked like a Simpsons donut, and the cutest thing was that he licked all of the icing off of it before eating the cookie!  
Various figurines ended up in all of our stockings - I cannot resist the Lego minifig grab bags, while Jeff ended up with Walter White in his stocking.  I got a mini Harry Potter mystery box, and the entire time I was opening it, I kept saying "please don't let it be Slytherin, please don't let it be Draco Malfoy" and then it WAS Draco!  I laughed so hard.
Draco and Walter White - Allie posed these two baddies together, and somehow the lighted Christmas tree in the background makes them seem less sinister.
We always open Christmas crackers, where we get a paper crown to wear during dinner, along with riddles and a small toy.  It's a fun tradition that was started when my Grandmother went to England over Christmastime many years ago and brought home the crackers for us; I can't imagine not wearing a crown while eating our Christmas meal!


Just two more days and this year is over.  It's been a rough one on so many levels, not only for our country - that election really did a number on us - but also for  many of my friends; far too many of them have suffered the loss of family members this year.  Happy New Year to each and every one of my sweet readers, and may 2017 bring health, peace, and happiness to you all.


  1. I did not know there was a Walter White action figure! LOL!

  2. I love to see other people's Christmas traditions! I make everyone wear matching pajamas while opening gifts - maybe I'll start the Christmas cracker thing - who doesn't want to wear a crown?!

    Thank you for all your support and cards and kind words to me of late.

    Here's to a better year in 2017, for sure.

  3. I love traditions like that (the crown and crackers)!! How neat! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

  4. Happy New Year to you, Shelley!

    I like your crackers tradition. Jeff looks like he is taking his kingly duties seriously :)

    Totally laughing at Paco licking off all the icing. That just wouldn't happen here. Too much competition!

  5. OMG, love the picture of the kadults! :D


  6. Thanks for always sharing your holiday traditions with us - I was tickled to see the Gingerbread House throwdown again this year. It was a tough loss, I bet. Happy New Year, Shelley!

  7. Sounds like you have a fun Christmas dinner each year! Happy new year!

  8. How wonderful! I am a HP fan, and actually have a tiny crush on Draco, creepy as it sounds :) Looks like a great Christmas!! :)

  9. Yay! It looks so fun!!!!

    And Pack is one smart dog!! Who wouldn't want to lick the icing off first...come on now, we all want to, we are just too embarrassed!!! Hahahah

  10. Happy New Year, Shelley! Looks like a really fun Christmas celebration.

  11. Wonderful Christmas pictures, and I love the crackers & crown tradition!

    And yeah, 2016 was a stinker, pretty universally. I'm hoping something totally unexpected and wonderful somehow makes 2017 awesome, though it's hard to see how that could play out with the current political situation. (Maybe a quick scandal and impeachment scenario--a girl can dream!)

    Have a wonderful 2017!

  12. Happy New Year to all of you, Shelley! May 2017 be a good one for all!

  13. What a lovely celebration! And how coincidental that your mom picked up those goggles! Did she have any idea how similar they were to the HP ones?!

  14. What great gifts you gave each other and so cool your parents know exactly that a Harry Potter gift is perfect.

    I wish you a fantastic 2017 in good health, lots of fun with your running peeps and with your family.


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