Friday, November 11, 2016

FMM - Baby Shower!

Last Saturday, we threw a baby shower for CC and Loretta, and I have to say, when the Renegades throw a shower, we throw a SHOWER!  We all had our assignments and everyone came through with their items beautifully; I want to share some pictures with you because this was a group effort that turned out really well.

CC and Loretta chose a jungle theme for baby Mason, so of course we went with that for the shower.  Cary found a cute invitation online and we based the decorations off of it:
Cary created the Mason name banner on her computer and printed it off - so cute!
Karen painted and decorated the MASON jars, which she filled with fresh flowers.  How perfect were these? 
Karen also made this adorable mobile, in Mason's room colors, and she even found a four-pack of jungle-animal buttons that she sewed onto some of the ribbon!
I was in charge of corsages for the new mamas.  I found an infant monkey rattle for one (I sewed on the toy pacifier and added the ribbon), and a lion pacifier keeper for the other.  My practical side came out with these, but I liked getting them something that would be used by the baby later versus something that would be a dust collector.

Andi and Diane were in charge of the food - Andi made mini pumpkin muffins and brought pinwheel wrap sandwiches plus mini quiches, and I love that she made herself right at home in my kitchen with getting them ready.  Plus, she's my much-appreciated tall friend who not only got things down from the high shelves in my cupboards for me, but she also stood on my table to hang the decorations I'd bought.  Every short person needs a tall friend who is willing to reach high for her:
In case you're wondering - I bought these knowing that I'd have Andi to help hang them.  

Diane made a veggie tray with extra fun details like cucumbers cut in a flower shape.  She also made up a fruit tray, and then got creative with the fruit:
A pineapple ducky, swimming in a sea of blueberries!  This was just adorable.

You can see all of the food in this group shot - we had so much good stuff to eat:
Left to right:  Julia, Diane, Loretta, CC, Karen, me, Andi, Cary.

Cary brought the cupcakes and made these cute toppers for them:
Jungle animals were everywhere!

Julia was in charge of games - she froze tiny plastic babies in ice cubes, and we put them in our drinks...when the baby floated free, you were to shout "my water broke!" and win a prize.  She also had mini M&M's in a baby bottle where you had to guess how many were inside, and this "don't say BABY" game which I lost within 30 seconds:
The ties were glued to clothespins.

But the most fun game was her version of The Price is Right, with baby items:
I was off by a lot - my total cost for everything was $44.64, but the actual retail price was $81.96!  What can I say, it's been a long time since I bought this stuff!

Gifts were opened:
Something for the baby to sleep in...
Something for the baby to play on...
Something for the baby to wear.  These were from me; I'll have more details about the hat and sweater next week.
Something for the baby to ride in - this was our group gift to them, a combination infant car seat and jogging stroller.

We had jungle trail mix for a little take home gift for the guests:
Cary made the labels and Karen made the trail mix.  Yummy and fun!

We really enjoyed planning the shower - as it turns out, we Renegades are a creative group!  Now we just need to wait for baby Mason to cook a while longer before we get to meet him - but at least he's been showered with lots of good things to make life easier for him and his mamas.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have ya'll thought of starting Renegade Party Planners? (If you do I'll take $5 for the name suggestion lol). If not, you should, this was simply fantastic!

  2. Wow! What a lot of work and creativity all in one place! Your group is very generous and caring.

    P.S. Have any of that trail mix leftover? :))

    1. Actually, there IS one bag of the trail mix in my cupboard! It was so good, and so cute with the animal cracker cookies mixed in throughout.

  3. Everything looks amazing! But I love the baby in the ice cube "my water broke!" I've not heard of that one before :D

    Happy Friday!

    1. That was a new one to me as well. Only problem was after the party, when we were dumping the drinks into the sink, the babies went into the garbage disposal! I had to fish them out before they gunked everything up.

  4. How adorable! You guys did a great job! CC and Loretta have great friends!

  5. What a great party! Is that a sock monkey hat? Eeeee!

  6. I love how you all came together on this - that is what makes parties like this a success - and shows the parents how loved they are!!! And, btw, your home is BEAUTIFUL!

    The "my water broke" game cracked me up! I told my mom about it this weekend as we were shopping for my snister's shower and she was giggling too. And I showed her the duckie pic so we TOTALLY copied with our fruit! I will give you credit when I post about it! I am very happy you posted this for me to see right before the one we were throwing ;)

    1. Glad you got some ideas from this shower for yours! :)

  7. Wow, just wow. What a great baby shower you threw them. I have never spoken to anyone here in Holland who had such a great baby shower.

    Wonderful afternoon with your friends.


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