Friday, November 4, 2016

FMM - All The Good Stuff

One thing I love about my way of knitting is that I've allowed myself to be free with what I choose to knit.  There is so much beautiful yarn available, and it's just so lovely to squish it and imagine how it will look knitted up that sometimes I can't resist casting on a new project while I'm still working on another project.  And I don't even feel guilty, like I should finish this before I start that.  Nope.  This is all for fun!  And that's why my current knitting situation looks like this:
This is the second sock, nearly finished - just about 2 inches or so of knitting remaining.
First sock, not even on the right needles anymore.  I turned the heel and made it through most of the color changes, but I needed the needles for...
This sock!  What can I say, I just really wanted to see how this yarn would knit up, and I only have two sets of size 1.5 nine-inch circulars, so the orange/brown sock had to be put on hold.  
I also have a box o' sweater.  One of these days I'll get back to it - maybe if our temps ever drop, I'll be more inspired.  Because I can't imagine wearing a wool sweater right now...sweat city over here.

I really should order another set or two of my sock needles - I mean, they're only six bucks, and I have more sock yarn coming, thanks to my mom going to a fiber fest recently.  KNIT ALL THE SOCKS, I say!


I have good news about my succulent cuttings that I brought back from California:
This was on 9/1/16...
And this was on 11/1/16 - look at how much it's grown!!!  

But I have bad news as well - this plant is about to croak: 
It grew, but suddenly it started looking wilted and crispy, and then it got weird spots.  I think it's too far gone to save, but I might try cutting it back, just to see if it will regrow?

The rest of the succulents are doing fine - some are more noticeable in their growth than others, but I'm pretty impressed with them, overall.  I mean, I brought back tiny cuttings in my suitcase and planted's pretty cool that they survived at all, really.


Paco has been sleeping next to me on the couch in the evenings, which is a little abnormal for him - we've always wanted him to sit next to us but usually he likes being on the floor.  So naturally, I had to document it for posterity:
Maybe he just wanted all of the pillows?  

Of course, maybe he was trying to be extra cute, because I'd scanned in some old pictures and we were oohing and aahing over our old dog, Jackie:
Puppy Jackie!  She was so tiny and sweet!  Shhhh, don't tell Paco. 

One more of Jackie - she had been in the backyard with the kids, who dropped a bagel.  Well, that was a huge prize to a little dog, and she worked hard at dragging it with her:
Little doggie with a big bagel!  She was walking backward, bagel in her tiny mouth, when I took this picture.

Dogs are the best.  We had Jackie for about 14 years and I still miss her.  But Paco has been a good addition to our family - at the end of this month, we'll have had him for 10 years!  I should get him a special cookie or something to celebrate.


Tomorrow we're hosting a baby shower for CC and Loretta, which should be fun, especially with seeing all of the cute baby things!!  And then we'll do our long run on Sunday; the weather is looking to be in the low 50s so I hope that really comes through - it was 72 degrees when Diane and I ran on Wednesday morning!  We have 9 miles on tap...I'll be running with Diane; fingers crossed we can spur each other on for the full distance.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love my pup Cocoa, but she is such a challenge compared to our last dog. She's defiant and sassy. My other dog was so docile! Isn't it funny how different they can be?

    1. They sure can be different! Paco doesn't know the meaning of docile, LOL.

  2. Yes dogs are the best! I can't imagine my life without a dog. We always had a dog when I was a kid. We had Dachshunds too but I think I told that before. Jackie is so cute but so is Paco. Bella hardly lays on the floor, she is always next to me on the couch.

    I think working on different projects at a time makes it more fun. I haven't cross stitched in ages but I have about 10 different projects I work on. Working on the same thing the whole times bores me.

    Have a great weekend but I think that won't be a problem.

    1. Jackie used to wedge herself between me and the edge of the chair or couch, which is what I missed when we got Paco...he just can't relax like a dachshund could.

  3. Jackie!!! I wish I could put that emoji with the heart eyes right here (don't tell Paco).

    Love all your socks, they are so pretty and colorful. I'm not sure I could go to the next without finishing one though, I think I'm too Type A.

    Hey, I'll trade running weather with you - gonna be 33-ish here tomorrow morning.

    1. Oh, the heart eyes emoji is perfect for Jackie! And LOL, I won't tell Paco (who is currently growling over his food because Kip dared to walk by).

      Tradesies on the running weather. It was 70 degrees, 94% humidity this morning on our run. I just want to not slog through the air! It has been unseasonably warm here.

  4. That dang weather! I talked to my friend who moved to Austin last night and she said it was raining, so I was hoping the coolness blew over your way!

    BABY DACHSHUND!!! I might have to get a puppy next time! And baby dachshund determined to get ALL THE FOOD is even cuter.

    LOL, when you told me about the socks, I immediately thought--just move one pair to another set of needles. GMTA :) I love how you think about knitting, with no "no's." That orange to brown sock--the colors just glow!

    And the succulent. It is amazing that you've gotten so much growth on most of them. The one that looks bad--that's what happens to me most of the time. I never know if its too much or too little water. Or maybe some weird disease. I'd be tempted to cut the top off and re-plant it.

    1. Even when the rain rolled in on Thursday afternoon, it was still warm. Blech!

      YES, you need a baby dachshund next time. They are beyond adorable, seriously.

  5. I'm impressed with your succulents! I have never tried to grow those. I don't do so well with indoor plants.

    So good to know other people have multiple unfinished projects going on!

  6. I hope the shower and run were fun!

    You should definitely get Paco something to celebrate! I love the cute pics of him and Jackie :)

    And definitely get more sock needles!!! I would be anxious to see how the yarn turns out too - it's such a fun surprise! I like them all, especially the sort of ombre one!

  7. Your knitting is gorgeous! As is your dog! Paco, super cute!! But Jackie was indeed super cute as well. So much to ooh and aaah in this post. Have a great week Shelley


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