Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 BCS Turkey Trot 5K Recap!

This year's shirt - and also, part of my traditional Thanksgiving day outfit.

On Thanksgiving morning we ran the seventh annual BCS Turkey Trot, which was held at a new location this year - it started in the parking lot of the hospital (and race sponsor) where I volunteer every Thursday...only this Thursday, I was running, not selling goodies at the gift shop.

The weather was gorgeous for the race - it was about 45 degrees when we arrived, but it wasn't windy so it wasn't uncomfortably chilly.  Those of our group who were in town for the holiday met up about 30 minutes before the race started, and naturally, took some pictures as we waited around:
Julia, Diane, Karen, me, Jeff, Andi and her daughter Sophie.
This was Sophie's first time to run a race with us, but as she's been killing it with cross country all fall, she lined up near the front and actually raced this race - what a concept!
Diane and I took a selfie beforehand...notice anything about this picture?  See the guy in the upper right?  He looked like the dad actor from This Is Us - I thought so, and got confirmation when Diane, Jimmy and Karen all said the same thing.  
He was jumping around, warming up I guess, but it was hard to get a picture of him because of that...I wanted to go over and say hey dude, could you please hold still for a minute?  I want a picture of you for my blog...that's not weird, right?  Haha.

The race started and we took off a little fast, but pretty quickly settled into our intervals.  We weren't familiar with the route - it ended up going through a nice little neighborhood where the streets were mostly level, although there were a few hills.  This race is always one of the more interesting ones to do because of the variety of participants - grandparents, entire families, people in costumes, very small children, lots of dogs - it's truly a community event.

Diane and I saw Jeff and Julia waiting for us as we crossed the finish line - we felt pretty strong at the end and probably were a little conservative, but we'd planned on running five miles the following day, so it's probably best we held back - it's not like we were trying for an age group award.  And Jeff, who had a pretty decent 5K time, thought he might have a shot at an AG award, especially since they were in five year increments, but he ended up being 14th in his group...too many old people showed up to race, LOL!

Afterward, it was pie time:
They had pumpkin, pecan, and apple, in two-bite pieces...just enough to whet your appetite for dessert later in the day!
Diane and I - Turkey Trot done, pie in hand.  

As long as we're in town, we'll probably always do this race - it's a fun way to start our Thanksgiving morning and at this point, it's a tradition - we've run it six out of the seven times it's been held!


  1. I love that they have pie at the finish line! Sounds like a great tradition.

  2. Looks like you didn't get either of your kids to run it this year... tell those kadults they need to keep up with mom and dad lol!

    Pie! What a great idea.

    1. Yeah, no kadults this year - they were enjoying sleeping in.

  3. That guy looks JUST like that actor! Didn't anybody want to ask him if it was him?!

    The race is really a great Thanksgiving tradition. I meant to take a walk that morning, but I ran out of time.

    1. Haha, we did want to ask him, but he was too bouncy to approach. Bet he gets that a lot now.

  4. What a nice, big group! And pie after?!?!!? Yes, please!!!!!

  5. Another fun race with your great friends. And yay for pie!!

  6. What a great tradition and I love that you get pie at the end!

    YES, that guy does look like the dad from This is US!

  7. It sure is a great tradition to get some exercise in and do something fun with friends before the big eating party starts.

    As always looks like a great and fun race.


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