Friday, September 9, 2016

FMM - Back to High School

I happened to be in California during reunion weekend for my old high school - classes who are having their significant year reunions (for example, this year the class of 1966 celebrated their 50th!) usually have a dinner on Saturday night, and then the all-class picnic reunion is held at Central Park on Sunday.  I've never attended the picnic (heck, I've only been to my 10th reunion), and neither has Barbara, so I talked her into going.

Figuring we'd only hang out there for a little while, we brought Theresa and her friend along with us because we planned on doing some shopping afterward.  Barbara dug out her yearbook, and let me tell you, there is nothing more entertaining than listening to two girls who are about to start high school dissect YOUR high school era...especially considering the very same clothing that was pictured in the yearbook is coming back into fashion and these girls are wearing our old styles!  Mostly they were critiquing hairstyles - no one appreciates a good center part, or feathered sides, or *gasp* surfer hair on guys anymore, I guess.

While there was a pretty good turnout for the picnic, our class years were vastly underrepresented.  Mine was the last graduating class of our high school; after that, the name was changed (to our rival across town), while our rival's school was turned into a junior high school.  Politics and changing demographics brought this about; I think that had our school been allowed to continue as it was, there might be more of a connection with the latter classes regarding reunions.  Or maybe not...who can say?  Any case, I think there were five people there from Barbara's year (1979) and nine from mine (1981).  My friend Russell showed up, which made me happy - he lived down the street from me and we started kindergarten together:
Russell and I - 2016
Russell (far left, seated) and I (next to the teacher) - first grade.  We spent a lot of years on the first row of class pictures, being that we were kinda little.
By fourth grade, we finally moved up to the second row - we hit the big time, woohoo!  Russell and I are standing next to each other. 

There were other classmates at the reunion, but I was happiest to catch up with Russell in person.  His sons now attend our former high school and while it might be painted a different color and have a different name, it will always be Buchser High School in our hearts.  Here's the all-class group picture at the reunion picnic:
Click to see it better - Barbara and I are standing together, right side, near the front.


High school was big on my mind while I was in California - Barbara and I met the first week of my freshman year (so yes, we've been friends for 39 years now, WOW), and Theresa was going to start her freshman year.  It's funny to think of how long ago my freshman year was when I looked at her, and even though a lot has changed, so much is the same.  Shopping for new clothes, school supplies - it was fun to be a part of this again. 

One thing that hasn't changed is how embarrassing mothers (and their friends) are to teenagers.  Y'all.  I promise, we were trying to be cool, and not cause her any extra angst, but we failed many times.  It was awesome and funny and just a part of the experience of being with a 14-year-old.  One afternoon, we were at Urban Outfitters while Theresa looked for a pair of jeans.  We weren't allowed near her to see how cute she looked when she was trying them on (she looked great in everything, which was not our experience back then - or now - and we wanted to revel in her clothing success, but nooooo), so we wandered around and at one point we were standing near some jeans that looked like we could fit into...we grabbed them and headed to the dressing room, where quiet hijinks ensued:
At some point, we can never resist being twins when trying on clothes!

The jeans fit us!  Of course, the label said it all - MOM JEANS.  Which, fine - they worked for our bodies.  I still don't understand while teenage girls are wearing them, though...ladies, that day is going to come soon enough - don't rush it!  Her first day of school outfit was cute:
Not really wanting to pose for a first day of school picture, but indulging us nonetheless.  Love the funky socks with Birkenstocks look; she's got the teenage-beachy-vibe down pat!

Another fun thing that came about from hanging with a teenager was getting a lesson on Snapchat - when you see this quite often:
You know that there's the person to ask how to make that app work - and she delivered:
For the record, I'm still creeped out by the filters that distort your face, but I can't deny the entertainment that came with making faces with Theresa - we were laughing so hard at the results, and Barbara, who was watching us, was laughing just seeing us do silly things like open our mouths (which made a rainbow fall out, who knew?).

And now that I'm following her, I get to see her humor:
LOL!  Connect with teenagers however you can.


Even with all of the electronic fun, we still managed to get in a few rounds of the card game Nertz, by candlelight no less, after the power went out:
Pajamas, cards, and candles - best Friday evening I've had in a long time!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Shelley what a great and fun post this was to read. I enjoyed it so much.

    I have only been to one school reunion, that was 2 years ago and 25 years after we left that school and it was so much fun to see everyone again.

  2. You just had the best visit to Cali. So many fun things!!

  3. OMG the textbook comment! LOL!!!!

    That is really interesting what happened to your high school after you graduated! School politics are, well, very interesting (I get to hear about it sometimes cause my mom works in school administration type stuff).

    Mom jeans. I hope you guys got those cause you both look hella cute!

    1. I'm loving her Snapchats. :)

      We didn't buy the mom jeans - I think because we really hadn't intended for them to work for us. But we should have!

  4. That is so cool that you happened to end up at a reunion! I've never gone to any of mine, and probably wouldn't go out of my way (since my school is out of town too). And it's so fun to see old friends from that time. I had a mini-reunion with 4 of my HS friends a few weeks ago and felt the same way - so many things had changed, yet so many stayed the same.

    Are socks and birkenstocks a thing again? I was rocking that look in high school and college (and realize I probably wasn't the first), nearly 20 years ago!

    LOL at the Mom jeans!

    1. Socks and Birkenstocks are a thing in Santa Cruz (beach town) - not really here in Texas, but I might just go for it, if only to show off my handknit socks this winter, LOL!

  5. Wow, what a lot of fun. Especially the class reunion. I've never been to one of mine, and now you are making me want to go--I still remember some of the kids that I grew up with. Would be fun to see where they are now.

    The snapchat pic of you as a mermaid(?) isn't as creepy as some snapchats. But its still sort of scary.

    1. Oh I agree, the snapchat pics with the filters are pretty darn creepy and scary...the one with Barbara and I with the flower headpieces? I couldn't figure out why we looked so good, then Theresa said that it was a thinning app. Well, I want that all the time, not just in a fake picture!!! ;)

    2. The thinning app. I want it now :)

  6. Aww so many memories for you! Looks like you had lots of fun. Yea I don't get the whole mom jeans on teens. Also, I'm super surprised that school still uses books from 1995!!!!

  7. Looks like fun! I love getting together with HS gal pals. The interesting thing to me is that I think--would we be friends if we met today? Yet there is no one I'd rather hang with. I love them.

  8. I've never been to any of my reunions. Sounds like you had fun though!


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