Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Mishmash

First things first - my mom's birthday is on Sunday and she's hitting a milestone - 75 years!  I used to think that people who were 75 years old were, well, OLD, but that's not the case with my mother...just go for a walk with her.  I daresay almost none of you could keep up, she walks that fast.  When she's on her daily 3-5 mile exercise walk, I practically have to run to stay with her.  Luckily she slows down when we shop - priorities, right?  Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!  Love you.


Second things second - I got hot and had my hair chopped off.  I couldn't take it any more!  I have super thick hair and my head is always hot.  So I had my hairdresser cut it short and put in a bunch of layers to take advantage of the natural waves - I don't have a great picture of it just yet, but here's the first day:
Waves...and so short!

Here's the second day, where I didn't use a blow dryer at all:
Not bad for doing nothing, but I think I'll step up the effort a tiny bit.

As it happens when I get a lot of hair cut off, I used way too much shampoo in the shower the first time I washed it.  It feels pretty short, and I may let the length get a tiny bit longer before deciding on keeping it like this, but for right now, my head is cooler, and that's about all I can hope for in Texas.


Third things third - we had a nice afternoon rainstorm this week, after about a month of zero precipitation.  I'm always amazed at how different our plants look with being watered by rain vs. from our's like they KNOW the rainwater is better, and they look so much greener and perkier:
Ornamental garlic, I think.  Anyway, it's very happy.
Also, this plant sprouted some interesting fungi after the rain.  The frog that lives in the plant (and scares me to death by jumping out when I go to water it) has some nice decoration in his little home now!


Last things last (aha, you thought I would go with "fourth things fourth, didn't you?!) - I cheated on Paco the other night with Abi the adorable golden retriever, who believes in her heart that she's just a little puppy lap dog:
Look at that face - how could I NOT let her sit on my lap?

When I came home after playing with Abi and also Koda (a chocolate lab), Paco was all over me...he must have sniffed me for a good 15 minutes or so.  

I think everyone in our Renegade Running Club is finally back from vacation and we'll all be together tomorrow for the first time in a long time - I'm looking forward to running a little and catching up a lot with everyone.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Your new hair cut looks really good on you! So pretty. I bet it will help make your running feel better, cooler too. Enjoy your new look!

  2. That is a great cut for your natural hair. I would so love a wash and go cut. My solution right now is to throw it into a ponytail. Bah!

    Happy Birthday to your mom! 75 is a wonderful thing to celebrate.

  3. Love your hair! I believe I'll keep my short now after years of saying "I'll never cut my hair"! For me, aging in Texas....heat with long thick hair had to GO! It's so nice not to have it touching my neck & back while running & working out. Plus not having to comb out that rat's nest afterwards!

    Awwwww, you got Abi & Coda time...jealous! Chip & Frito were all over Jimmy Meow sniffing when we got home last Saturday.

    Happy Birthday to your 75 years young!

    See you tomorrow.

  4. Your hair looks fabulous! And happy birthday to your Mom!

  5. Your hair is adorable!! I wish mine would look that good by doing nothing to it!! It really suits you.

  6. We haven't had rain in a couple of weeks now. Our grass has turned a funny color because of the chemically enhanced city water we've been putting on it. Rain is so much better! Your hair is super cute!

  7. Happy birthday to your mom!!

    I just got my hair cut as well, just a little shorter than yours. Now I can't pull it back, but it's off my neck now!

    There is a very noticeable difference between hand watering and rain watering plants. I don't know how they can tell the difference, but they can.

  8. Haircut looks great! Jealous of your natural waves! My hair is super thick, as well, but it doesn't do anything fun like stay wavy :(

  9. Happy birthday to your Momma! Mine is going to be 76 in September, and just like your Mom, I need to keep up with her AND schedule stuff with her a few weeks in advance because her calendar is always fully booked.

    I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I wish mine was thick, but I'll just have hair envy for you - looks terrific!

  10. Aww be still my heart, you know I love the Albi pic!

    Your hair looks great!

  11. I love the haircut! I just got mine cut but it's so straight! With frizz. I wish I had your waves.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! Your hair is just beautiful! I love the length on you!! :)

  13. Your new do is adorable! Love the layers! My mom is the same age and I WISH she'd go walking like that. Sigh.

    1. Both of my parents are really good about exercising and it shows in how well they are doing overall...I'm glad for that.

  14. I love your hair this way, you look beautiful.

    And happy belated birthday to your Mom, so wonderful that she's still so active.

    And I couldn't have resisted Abi, such a cutie.


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