Monday, April 25, 2016

Paco Takes Over

Dat's rite, I'm in charge today.  I lub my mom but she hasn't been putting me on her blog enuf lately.  Why not?  Who cares about her eyez?  What 'bout mine?  Look.  I no need surgery to look gud:
I so bootiful.
 SO bootiful.
Dat's rite, I look gud.
Wait one minute.  When did my noze get so big??  Is dere noze surgery for dogs?!

Neber mind.  I still bootiful.  Just have a good noze for smelling when mom comes home after she pets odder dogs.  I no mind.  Not dat much.  I lub her too much to stay mad.  Besides, she got me a button so I can order my own dog fud wheneber I want:
She not know it, but I hab five bags coming next week.

I spend most of my days protecting mom from da mailman and da garbage man but she not 'preciate dat.  "Stop barking, stop barking" - dat ALL I hear some dayz.  Geez mom.  I hab one job, just let me do it.

Speaking of mom, she not too gud wif sharing her delicious fud.  She take picture, I sneak lick:
I bet I wud like candalop...cantylope...howeber you spell it, I know I wud enjoy it.

Sometimez I go outside to lay in de sun, but I get no peace:
One minute I be working on my tan...
And de next minute, JAWS is sneaking up on me...GRRRRRR.

Dis guy bodder me too:
I don't like to share mom, but dat odder cat always has to lay down wif her too.  GRRRR

Mostly I just like to sleep and keep an eye on mom:
I always on watch eben when I look like I might be falling asleep.

OK.  Mom iz going to knit so I have to leave da 'puter and go watch her.  I neber know when she might need my help.  Tanks for reading my post.  Lub, Paco.
 I can neber be too close to mom when she's knitting.  (editor's note:  that's what YOU think, Paco)



    Lub you back Paco! And Bella sends a hug and lots of lubs.

  2. Cute! I love seeing the day from our dog's point of view!

  3. How adorable! Paco loves you so much :D

  4. Sophie asked me to enter a comment for her: "Oh Paco, my Paco…I am so overwhelmed with your beauty that words evade me… BTW, where did you get that self-ordering food button? The ogress has us on a constant diet around here."

    That's all. I did overhear Sophie muttering as she walked away…"the boy really needs to take some spelling lessons…"

    1. De man in de noisy brown truck brought me da food button. Tinking back, probably shouldn't hab barked so much at him.

      Wut wrong wif my spelling? I went to obedinse...obeydiance...puppy school. Know eberyting now.

    2. Hahahahahah. LOLOLOL. That's me, Debby, commenting, not Sophie.

  5. Love this! Sounds exactly like what my dog, Coco, would say, if could talk.

  6. Honestly, one of my favorite things about your blog is how you talk for your pets EXACTLY like I do! And the more pictures of fur babies, the better, as far as I'm concerned. :)

  7. Paco, this is priceless! I have two that would love to write a post! Although, every other word would be "squirell". My Mojo looks very similar to you Paco -- except his spots are red.

    1. Squirrels bodder me so much. Dumb Chip and Dale are chasing each odder around a tree in de backyard right now but will mom let me out to get dem? NO. "Stop barking, stop barking!" Mom be like a broken record.

  8. Oh I LUB this post!!!!Paco, you are a star!! LOLOL for days at "he's touching my foot!"

  9. I had to delete my previous comment, because I got a case of Paco-spelling-itis! I said I was ROLFing instead of ROFLing - see how much power you have over your readers, Paco? Great job keeping your Mom safe from all the strangers (and squirrels) out in the wide world, not to mention giving us all a good laugh in the process :-)

  10. OMG, I loved this post!! Thanks or the smile today Shelley!

  11. I am a long time reader and a mostly lurker, but I had to comment to say this was so cute and gave me a nice laugh.


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