Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Mishmash - April Fool's Edition

The joke is that there is no joke.  My best years of pranking were when my kids were young and gullible, but even they figured things out at a pretty early age, so obviously I wasn't very good at coming up with anything decent.  And sadly, I'm so cynical that you really can't get anything over on me, especially on April 1st.  So Happy April Fool's Day - let me know in the comments if you've ever done a good prank or fell for one!


I love it when my friends shop for me:
Fiestaware salt and pepper shakers!

Karen and her husband were in Round Top last week, which is home to a huge springtime antique fair, and she came across a Fiestaware booth and thought of me (I can't imagine WHY).  After a text where I said I didn't need anything, I remembered that I actually did need some new salt and pepper shakers, as my old pair were broken over a year ago.  You could choose singles, which is why I now have an orange one and a turquoise one - look how nicely they go with my Fiestaware tablecloth and dishes:
Obviously I was having too much fun playing around with my dishes - while the turquoise is the same, the shades of orange have changed over the years, so I've got a mix of both.  My Fiestaware has provided me with a lot of entertainment, along with, you know, actually using it for meals.


I can't remember if I've posted this picture here before, but Debby's recent guest post by her dog Sophie reminded me of the good old days with our dachshund, Jackie.  Ahh, Jackie - she was my third child, as I got her when she was a tiny puppy in lieu of having another baby.  I really didn't want want another baby, but I was missing out on taking care of someone so tiny, so that's when Jackie came to our family.  She was raised by the kids and many cats and tolerated a lot without growling or snapping, but oh, the looks she would give us when things weren't going her way.  This picture was a typical event in her life...she just wanted to lay in her dog bed, but Pumpkin always had to cuddle with her, whether she wanted it or not:
I was quite familiar with this "please help me" look from Jackie.

We had Jackie for 15 years; she died in 2006 and I still miss her. 


Sit and Knit update:  I'm hesitant to show you what I'm working on, because it's challenging me quite a bit, and I still might pull the plug on it.  The pattern is not the clearest thing I've ever read (and my knitting guru Cary was equally perplexed at some of the instructions, so I know it's not just me), which has made me knit, stop, reread, try to write it out myself, unknit what I've done, restart - argh!  But I really like the finished product, so I'm forging ahead for the time being:
This is on track to be a cardigan...pattern is Carabe, for any knitters out there.

I'm also about two inches away from finishing a pair of socks, but as you can see by the picture above, I was distracted this week and barely touched my sock knitting...shame on me. 


We will be running and breakfasting tomorrow, and then celebrating the wedding of two running buddies, Phillip and Sarah - a good day all around.  Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG, I am DYING at that Jackie and Pumpkin picture! Dying. Pumpkin just wanted to hug Jackie is all.

    Your Fiestaware is so fun and even 'I' think of you when I see it at Macy's.

    Hope you have a great run... trying for 6 miles maybe?

  2. Your brave trying a top down cardigan for your first one! Hopefully it will come together for you looks good so far.

    Have fun on your run.

  3. Hahaa, I know i've been reading your blog for a while now cus as soon as I saw the first pic I thought "she got salt n pepper shakers to match her Fiesta ware!". That was before even seeing the next pic of your dishes!! Sadly I've never played any jokes on April 1. Have a great weekend!

  4. Love everything about your place setting! Glad I saw the Fiesta booth. I will have to visit them again this Fall, now that I know several of my running friends have Fiestaware.

    That picture of Jackie & precious! I too, miss several of our fur children we've had.

  5. Awwww. Now I want a widdle red dachshund! That's the thing about dachshunds. Even if they don't mean to be, their faces are so expressive!

    I love how you play with your fiesta ware. Some people collect stuff but just keep it in a cupboard. You actually use it!

    A sweater! I'm sad that it is a hard pattern to follow, because I don't want you to be discouraged with sweater making. I checked out the link--it is a neat sweater. I'm guessing that the sleeves/shoulders might be a bit tricky. But after that it should be smooth sailing!! Yay!

  6. Aw, the picture of Jackie and the cat is priceless! I didn't realized how much I missed having a dog after Ed died until Hannah and Jacob's dogs moved in - so lovable! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. The picture of Jackie and the kitty is so beautiful! We lost our Basey Girl (cat) 2 years ago and I still miss her so much!

  8. I can't believe your first thought was you didn't need any fiesta ware LOL!

    Love Jackie and Pumpkin - he just wants to snuggle! That picture reminds me of the ones you see where a couple hooks up for the night and the other one is regretting it :D

  9. I have never seen a photo of Jackie before, he was so cute. Totally see why you miss him. And it melts my heart to see Pumpkin cuddle with him, so adorable.

    From the photos on IG I saw you had a great day yesterday.


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