Friday, April 8, 2016

FMM - Runners Wedding

Last Saturday, we went to the little town of Salado, Texas and watched our running buddies Phillip and Sarah get married!  This was so fun - the ceremony and reception were all held in the same location, and it was really sweet.  We arrived and parked in the back of the venue and sat in the car, waiting for Julia and her husband to arrive.  Suddenly, we saw Sarah walking across the lawn for pictures!  We didn't mean to see her early, but it was so exciting to get a glimpse of the bride:
I felt like a paparazzi taking pictures, but I couldn't help myself! 

Soon after, we left the car and met up with Julia and Scott, who said Phillip was just inside the building and was talking to everyone, so we went in to say hello, gave him a hug, and then I noticed that he was wearing his Garmin, which made me laugh so much - I told him we were going to LiveTrack his wedding.  Phillip and I bought our Garmins together back on a day in 2014 that included a long run, a trip to the running store, and then breakfast at Blue Baker - this picture is one of my favorite running memories:
Giddy over Garmins (and quite possibly hopped up on sugar) - good times!

Anyway.  Back to the wedding.  They got married under a huge oak tree, with the late afternoon sun shining through.  The weather was incredible - no heat, no humidity, no rain - just perfect.  The reverend, who is Sarah's brother-in-law, gave a reading with a long quote by Albert Einstein about chemistry which was funny and well-suited to the bride and groom, given their professions.  Soon they were pronounced husband and wife and kissing commenced:

And then the happy couple walked back down the aisle:
Pure joy on their faces - love it!

Reception pics:
You can hardly see Jeff's black eye...
Jeff, me, Julia and Scott
The wedding cake was so pretty, decorated with fresh flowers.  The groom's cake was too funny - a mug of beer, with the A&M logo on it (their grad school alma mater), and a can of Lone Star beer...Phillip is a Texan, through and through!

There was a DJ and dancing; after the traditional first dances, they called all of the married couples onto the dance floor, where we danced for a minute before the DJ announced that anyone married less than a year had to leave the floor.  Then anyone married five years or less, and he kept going, and people kept leaving - and we were still out there, which felt so weird!  I'm not old enough to be one of the old married couples out there on the dance floor!!!  He called out 30 years and we were there with three other couples - finally, we got cut when he called out 35 years or less.  Phillip's grandparents were the winners - they've been married over 50 years.  It was fun to be included in this, but also a little disconcerting.  How can we part of the last few older married couples when I remember OUR wedding reception so clearly??

 Scott, Julia, Bride Sarah, Groom Phillip, me, and Jeff

We had such a great time and it was really special to have been on this journey with Phillip and Sarah - when we met them, they were dating, and then there was the big proposal, and now finally the wedding - congratulations to Phillip and Sarah, and thanks for taking us along on the ride of your life!


  1. What a lovely happy post and such a happy day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it when the groom's cake really represents something fun about the groom. What a fun wedding in general. You and Jeff look like newlyweds yourself!

  3. Its not that you are older than other people. Its just that you actually stayed married longer than most people! What a fun day, and how great that the weather cooperated! Yay Texas! I love how the light is shining through the trees. And now I want wedding cake :)

  4. Aww congrats to your friends. Looks like a lovely wedding and those cakes, wow. How did that bottle stay on?

  5. I love that shot you got of them coming up the aisle after their wedding kiss - pure joy! :D

  6. What a beautiful wedding! And those cakes! The groom's cake is really neat!

    LOL! Be proud that you were still out there - that is awesome!

  7. Congratulations to the lovely new couple!

  8. How cool is that. What a beautiful affair.


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