Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Mishmash!

Completely exhausted after his trying day!

Paco has had a time of it lately - his allergies are hitting him hard, so he's been itching and scratching and chewing and is just a mess.  His paw was raw, and he needed a steroid shot, so I made arrangements to drop him off at the vet on Tuesday morning to be squeezed in between the vet's surgical procedures, and you better believe I felt bad about leaving him there after having been gone for three days in San Antonio.  What made it even worse was that the night before, he and Kip had rumbled with a neighborhood cat who happened to be in our garage - this cat is very nice and friendly, but none of my animals like him, so they all go ballistic whenever he comes around.  Anyway, Paco ended up with a bloody scratch on his face plus a cat claw sheath left in his head - this happened so fast that I didn't get a chance to separate them before the carnage began.  He ran back to the door to be let inside, while Kip chased the cat down the driveway and into the street...I guess we know who the real thug is!  Anyway, after I picked him up later in the afternoon, I went to McDonald's and got him a cheeseburger:
Dis make ebryting worth it!
A cheeseburger, plus a steroid shot, and a new flea collar that doesn't seem to be causing him any adverse reactions, and he's a happy dog.


The race pictures came in from the Missions 10,000, and they were all free!  I didn't expect that, but we got all of the shots downloaded with a special code, which was really nice.  I was happy to discover that I liked several of mine - you never know with running how good/terrible you'll look, but usually, it's terrible.  Here's a couple of me running through the rose petals:
Wheee!  Throw petals at me!!!
This was fun!
This was on the last hill, when I spotted the photographer as I was walking up it and started running for the picture.  I like this picture because I'm laughing here, and embodying the "Run Happy" mantra that is on my shirt.
Finish line, woohoo!

Jeff even got a decent shot partway through the half marathon - this was taken at a mission that we didn't run through:
Gotta love the 70s-style runner behind him!

I can't remember what we paid for our race registration - it wasn't super expensive - but we sure got a lot of bang for our buck, and these free pictures were icing on the cake!


Knitting update:  I finished another pair of socks, and I just love them!  I bought this yarn when I was in Oregon last year; it's another yarn that I'd only read about online, so I was really happy to see it in person and get to buy it.  It was super fun to see the designs develop as I knit, and I would absolutely knit another pair of socks with it:
Yarn is Schachenmayr Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos, colorway is 3762, pattern is my own toe-up sock pattern incorporating the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

As you have seen, I like to name my projects, and as this sock started developing, the colors made me think of one of the best places where I got to spend time as a kid - Pinecrest Lake, in California.  This sock had the blues of the lake where I swam and sailed, the grays of the giant boulders that I climbed, and the browns and greens of the pine trees - it was such a beautiful place and I have such wonderful memories of Pinecrest, so this name seemed fitting.


We are going to run 5 miles tomorrow, breakfast at Blue Baker, and then install a new faucet in our kitchen sink.  When the current one began leaking again (we've fixed it once a few years ago), we decided that it was old enough (13 or 14 years) and time for a new one.  Then I fell down the rabbit hole of wanting to replace the sink as long as we were at it, and that lead to changing out the countertops, which also lead to cutting down the bar and installing a backsplash.  Then I remembered that I don't have the money for all of that, so we just bought the faucet.  Oh well.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. You look good in all your race photos! I think its great that you got them for free.

    You make me want to learn to knit socks maybe soon I will.
    This is our anniversary weekend. 19 years we will be married on Monday not sure what we are doing this weekend but we will celebrate it before Monday.
    Have fun running your five miles tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

  2. Aww poor Paco!
    Yay for free race pics. They turned out great!
    Happy running tomorrow!

  3. Aw, sounds like a rough few days for Paco! Looks like that cheeseburger made everything right though :)

    Those are some great race pictures! And more free pictures?! I need to start finding races like that (not that photographers ever find me and/or snap good shots of me).

  4. I just love when you get free race pictures! Running through rose petals is a first. That's a great picture too. Paco looks like my Mojo, except Mojo's spots are red. He goes through episodes where he licks his paws raw. I think a cheeseburger would make anyone feel better. I'm very impressed with your knitting skills!

  5. You are making me want to plan a trip to San Antonio and run that race! You do look like you are running happy.

    The visual of Paco and Kip rumbling with the neighborhood cat gave me the visual of the Sharks and Jets LOL!

  6. Poor, poor Paco. I hope the steroid shots work well for him!

    You look so happy in those pictures, too. I probably would have stopped and gathered the rose petals LOL.

  7. Oh I am so impressed that you knit. I wish I had the time to knit. I love how it relaxes me.

  8. Poor Paco. Looks like that cheeseburger helped.

    And free race photos are awesome. You look great in yours!

  9. Buah ha ha re: the faucet rabbit hole! That is how it goes when you repair one thing!

    Your pictures look SO great! I love the expression on your face, and it does go so well with your shirt. The rose pedal pics are super neat. One a fun race.

    I have got to try to knit a pair of socks this year! :)

  10. I love the race pics! And glad Paco is feeling better - I bet that cheeseburger made it all better :D Enjoy your run this weekend! (and hope you get some cookie dough at Blue Baker - I show that the Hannah when you post it and she's jealous!) :D

  11. Those are the best race pics I've ever seen. And they're free! How cool! I think I want to run that race.

  12. I can't stop giggling about the repair/remodel rabbit hole. You speak the truth, girl.

  13. Thats awesome they gave you the photos for free! How fun!!

  14. What are the odds of having multiple great race pictures?? You look like you're having a blast, Shelley, and it's all about how it looks, right? Oh, wait, it's all about the food, right? Anyway, great payoff for your efforts :-)

    And Paco looks like he's in doggie heaven with that cheeseburger. A great payoff for his pain, too!

  15. My Cleo used to have bad allergies and chew her paws too! But no steroids were needed...

    Your socks are amazing! I can't believe you made those!

  16. Can't believe I missed this post on Friday. Poor Paco! The allergies were bad enough, but then adding a cat claw in his head!! Yes, a cheeseburger was definitely in order. Cat scratches can be very dirty--humans sometimes need IV antibiotics. Hope he is improving by now.

    Love the race pics. Love almost more that they are free. And the socks! And your name for the socks!! How fun to wear comfy socks that bring back such great memories. And lastly, the faucet story was really funny. Because I am reading along, and I am thinking, oh my gosh, she's really going for the whole thing!! In the end,isn't having a shiny new faucet fun?

  17. Awww poor Paco, I hope he feels better by now. Seems all our furry friends have troubles at the moment: Paco, Pixie and Bella.

    I just love love love the race photos. There's so much happiness in them. You look fantastic.

  18. Poor's such a rough life!

  19. Oh PACO!!!!!!! AWWWW!!!!! Glad he's had his shot, his cheeseburger, and all is better in his world. Congrats on the race. I just LOVE the pics of you both!!!!


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